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13 Opportunities to Get An Education on Vatican II

My wife and I met at a conference hosted back in 2012 by the Pontifical John Paul II Institute at the Catholic University of America on “The Challenge of Vatican II,” commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the twenty-first ecumenical council. While I got to meet and talk with such Catholic superstars as Cardinal Francis George and David L. Schindler (which put me into a Catholic nerd Beatlemania frenzy), the highlight of my night was meeting the pretty and intelligent lady from Poland who would become my wife.  Around the time of that conference, my wife was new to America, particularly to the Catholic Church in America. Listening to all the discussions about the postconciliar debacles prompted her to ask me why the Catholic Church in America was so different and seemingly more confused than it was in Poland. (Note:…


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