John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger and Dante: Good company on Good Friday…

When St. John Paul II was beatified in 2011, his feast day was fixed for Oct. 22 — the date of the inaugural “Be Not Afraid!” homily — rather than the customary date of death, April 2. The death anniversary would too often fall during Holy Week or the Easter Octave, and thus could not […]

Vatican Museums: The Works of Mercy #10

“Proclaiming Christ means showing that believing in Him and following Him is not only true and right, but also beautiful. At the heart of the Gospel lies the beauty of God’s saving love, manifested in Jesus Christ who died and rose again.” Inspired by these words of Pope Francis, the Vatican Museums and Vatican News […]

Watching the trial of Derek Chauvin during Holy Week

If Christians, especially white Christians, vilify Derek Chauvin, we absolve ourselves of our own complicity in the racist structures that permitted him to place and pin his knee on George Floyd’s neck. Surely it is not us, Lord?