The Coming Persecution

Persecution is a daily reality for many Catholics around the world. For most people in the West, however, it’s not a death sentence to wear a scapular or attend Mass daily. But owing to decadence and spiritual sloth, persecution is coming to places where Catholicism was once the center of culture. At the beginning of the China […]

Is Integralism Catholic Sharia?

Last week I burned some bridges by writing tough but constructive criticism about the orthodox Catholic subculture. I pointed to some trends that seem to run in parallel, reinforcing each other. I’ve seen some angry feedback, so I know I touched a nerve. No, I didn’t say that all or even most of the grads of small […]

Polish Church Faces Hate Speech on Easter

BALHAM, London ( – Far-left feminists associated with Soros-funded pro-abort groups targeted with hate speech a Polish church in London on Easter Sunday after Metropolitan Police unlawfully disrupted the church’s Good Friday service and ordered worshippers to disperse or face arrest. Offensive billboard (top left) above worshippers outside the Church Anti-Catholic Strajk Kobiet (Women’s Strike) erected a […]

Choosing Government Over God

EDMONTON, Alberta ( – Catholics in Alberta are frustrated with Church leaders for refusing to stand against some of the most restrictive church lockdown measures in Canada. A number of Catholics — asking for anonymity — informed Church Militant that Edmonton’s Abp. Richard Smith, like other Canadian bishops, is siding with the government in imposing harsh COVID restrictions. They say such restrictions in some cases are even exceeding […]

Equality Act Lone Wolf

Your browser does not support the video tag. CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO TRANSCRIPT A lone-wolf prelate is howling support for the Equality Act — in opposition to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, or USCCB. Lexington bishop John Stowe pushed for the legislation in a recent letter to the highest-ranking members of the Senate Judiciary […]

Tampa Bay Rays player credits success to his parents, Catholic education

PORTAGE, Ind. (CNS) — Mike Brosseau wishes to be known for his workmanlike dedication to his craft and even-keeled personality. A member of Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays since 2019, the graduate of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Gary, Indiana, is sometimes put into a national spotlight when he is identified with the […]

Passio Ecclesiae

This is your hour; it is the reign of darkness  Luke 22:53 The texts of the Liturgy of the Sacred Triduum strike us, like the lash of a whip, for the crude brutality of the torments to which the Lord was subjected by the will of the Sanhedrin, at the order of the Roman procurator. The crowd, […]