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Border trip helps inform Iowa church’s ministry to migrants, bishop says

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico — Thirteen-hundred miles from home, a group from the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa, on a border immersion trip encountered a young woman with two kids and a car with a flat tire in Ciudad Juárez. The group, which included five deacon candidates, their formation director, diocesan bishop and immersion experience leaders, stopped […]

Award-winning Catholic author writes her mysteries by ‘seat of her pants’

ROCKFORD, Illinois — Tracy Clark’s first published mystery story started one day during a moment when her mind slipped away from a homily at St. Philip Neri Church in Chicago. “I looked at the confessional, and I thought, ‘You could put a body in there.’” When that passing thought eventually coalesced with a character she’d […]

Film hopes to push Gil Hodges’ Hall of Fame bid across finish line

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Repeat after me: Gil Hodges is not in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. A lot of people think he’s in already. And a lot of the people who know that he’s not in the Hall think he should be there. One of them, not surprisingly, is his son, Gil Jr. “I […]

Author: Ministry to married couples must radically change to save marriage

With marriage and church attendance on a steep decline overall in the United States, Catholic parishes need to make some radical changes in the way they approach marriage ministry and teach the faithful about relationships. That’s the message of the new book “Endgame: The Church’s Strategic Move to Save Faith and Family in America,” released […]