769: Pope is a Heretic: shouts Greek Priest to Pope Francis [Podcast]

A Greek Orthodox priest shouted repeatedly that Pope Francis a heretic before being taken away by police as the pope entered a meeting with Greek Orthodox bishops in Athens. Watch this new podcast episode by clicking here: Or listen to the audio mp3 here: If you’d like to order a copy of Taylor’s new book […]

Dictatorship Down Under

MELBOURNE, Victoria (ChurchMilitant.com) – A tyrannical China-virus bill has passed into law in the Australian state of Victoria. Both houses of Victoria’s Parliament voted Thursday to approve a controversial “pandemic management” bill granting massive powers to fake Catholic premier Dan Andrews in the name of so-called public health. “Under this new bill … checks and balances are […]

The Visitation, a Mystery for Advent

In this ongoing COVID winter and amidst the sinfulness of our world, one mystery of the Faith we should cherish is the Visitation.  The mystery harkens back to Luke 1:39–45, in which the pregnant Blessed Mother visits her pregnant, much-older cousin, Elizabeth. Scripture describes it as follows: During those days, Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste to a […]

France: The Sauvé Report or the Abuse of the Abuse (1)

The sentence fell like a cleaver: the president announced that 216,000 minors had been victims of assault by ecclesiastical staff or consecrated persons – priests, deacons, men or women religious – a figure which would rise to 330,000 if the lay staff attached to the Church were taken into consideration. These numbers obviously went off […]

Homophobia: Lawsuit Against the President of Catholic Renaissance Dismissed

The prosecution accused Catholic Renaissance for having published on its site, on June 13, 2019, an article entitled: “The Church of the living God: the pillar and the support of the truth (1 Tim 3:15).” The incriminating comments were as follows: “Civil authorities should not establish civil or legal unions between two persons of the […]

Vladimir Putin On a Crusade Against Progressive Ideologies

“Beware of getting to where the Bolsheviks once planned to go: one step closer and you will be there.” The least that can be said is that the President of the Russian Federation does not mince words when it comes to denouncing pervasive progressivism. It was on October 21, 2021, in Sochi in Crimea – […]

Pope Francis Insists on the Reform of Marriage Annulments in Italy

It should be remembered that, in the 2015 document, Pope Francis envisioned the possibility of declaring a marriage null and void via a single judgment, based only on the declarations of the bride and groom, and eventually with a faster formula allowing the bishop to issue a sentence within one month. The 1983 Code of […]