Who is Mary? She is one of us.

So, who is Mary? Like any other character in the Gospel, we are meant to try on her life in meditation, to learn from her what it means to be a disciple. Mary is one of us.

Council for Economy meets on 2022 Vatican budget (Vatican News)

The Vatican’s Council for the Economy met on December 14-15 to discuss prospects for the 2022 budget of the Holy See. The sessions also included discussion of the Vatican’s investment strategy, and a business plan submitted by the auditor general, the Vatican announced. Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the president of the Council for the Economy, chaired […]

29% of Americans now religiously unaffiliated (Pew Forum)

Just 63% of Americans identify themselves as Christians—down from 75% ten years ago—and 29% now say they have no religious affiliation, according to a new Pew survey. The percentage of “nones”—those without a religious affiliation—has jumped by 10% in the last decade, and by 6% in the last five years. The survey found downward trends […]

Paris archbishop speaks out about resignation, rumors (Aleteia)

Archbishop Michel Aupetit, whose resignation as Archbishop of Paris was accepted by Pope Francis earlier this month, has denied reports that he had engaged in a romantic relationship with a woman. “This has nothing to do with a love relationship or a sexual relationship. It is a friendship,” the archbishop said in an interview with […]

775: Why 7 Lessons on Ember Saturday? [Podcast]

I explain why there are 7 lessons on Ember Saturdays in the Traditional Roman Rite and how they correspond to ordinations in the 7 Holy Orders. To take my online Catholic course on the Latin Mass and Roman Rite, please sign up as a student at New Saint Thomas Institute Watch this new podcast episode by […]