New Video: SSPX Priests Explain the Priesthood

View on YouTube >> Transcript: I would say it is really beautiful and I would say amazing to see how this great ideal of the priesthood is still attracting young people. It is impossible to explain this on a natural basis. It is clear that Our Lord is behind, attracting through His grace, young people. […]

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity at the United Nations

During the session, 22 countries opposed the inclusion of the controversial terms. The Saudi Arabian ambassador said the terms “sexual orientation and gender identity are not in harmony with divine nature.” He pointed out that “God created man and woman as a couple, male and female.” Other countries have said that including these terms in […]

Another jackass and a quick POLL

Attempt, legally or not, morally or not, to suppress the people who desire traditional Catholic worship, the Traditional Latin Mass, but do nothing… absolutely nothing … about jackass stunts like this. It wasn’t a TLM, so that’s all right. … Read More →

Open Letter to Confused Catholics: Chapter 18

“True and False Obedience” Indiscipline is everywhere in the Church. Committees of priests send demands to their bishops, bishops disregard pontifical exhortations, even the recommendations and decisions of the Council are not respected and yet one never hears uttered the word “disobedience,” except as applied to Catholics who wish to remain faithful to Tradition and […]

2022: Good Year, Bad Year

Can we wish each other a holy year 2022, in the face of such decadence? Yes, if for us this year is the opportunity to strongly reaffirm our faith beyond the countless vicissitudes: good year, bad year, God is here! Whatever trials overwhelm us, God is present! This is not blissful autosuggestion, an attempt at […]

Kepler and the Music of God in the Cosmos

450 years ago, on December 27, 1571, a mathematician and astronomer, who sought the music of God in the skies, was born in Weil der Stadt, near Stuttgart in Germany: Johannes Kepler. At the age of 19 he enrolled in the Theological Facoltà of the University of Tübingen, where he studied, in addition to theology, […]

Without God or Reason

Without God or Reason By Morten Høi Jensen December 27, 2021 I first read Albert Camus when I was seventeen. I borrowed my father’s well-thumbed copy of The Stranger and greedily consumed it in one sitting on a train from Frederikssund to Copenhagen. I was spellbound. How could I not be? There in the novel […]