Pope praises dissident nun for years of LGBT activism

Gramick, co-founder of New Ways Ministry, was officially silenced by the Vatican in 1999, an order which she ignored; in 2010 the USCCB declared that New Ways Ministry “has no approval or recognition from the Catholic Church” to speak on the LGBT issue.

Day 8: The Surrender of Abraham (2022)

Fr. Mike zeroes in on the theme of surrender as we discover how God changed Abram to Abraham and Job continues to struggle with his affliction. Today’s readings are Genesis 16-17, Job 5-6, and Proverbs 1:20-33. For the complete reading plan, visit ascensionpress.com/bibleinayear. Please note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable […]

St. Thorfinn

The fascinating thing about Thorfinn, a Norwegian bishop who died in 1285 in a Cistercian monastery near Bruges, is that he reminds us that it is not nearly as important for others to see us being holy as it is for God to see us being holy. Bishop Thorfinn died in obscurity. There were no […]