Day 53: The Twelve Tribes of Israel (2022)

Fr. Mike talks about the twelve tribes of Israel and explains why the book of Numbers introduces them based on the number of decedents they each had. Today we read Numbers 2, Deuteronomy 2, and Psalm 85. For the complete reading plan, visit Please note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not be […]

The Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle

Today is the Feast of the “Cathedra” or Chair of St. Peter, a recurrence dating back to the fourth century that honors and celebrates the primacy and authority of St. Peter. The word “cathedra” means seat or throne and is the root of the word cathedral, the church where a bishop has his throne and […]

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“What appears to be lost or defeated by the design of the evil one does not have to be so. Have faith — the victory belongs to Christ!” — Julie Onderko, Holy Handmaids of the Lord: Women Saints Who Won the Battle for Souls

Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Ordinary Time

In today Gospel reading, we see the apostles arguing among themselves as to who among them is the greatest. There seems to be something within all of us that is of a competitive nature. Everybody wants to be better than the next guy. The common view of greatness does not include the characteristic of servanthood. […]

Ten Ways We Can Practice Fasting

Jesus said: “Unless you do penance you will all perish,” (Lk. 13:3). In the first preaching of His Public ministry Jesus exhorts us to conversion: “Be converted for the Kingdom of God is at hand,”(Mk. 1:15). The Mystical Body of Christ generously offers us a season of grace which has, as its purpose, conversion every year. This is the […]

Nurse Who Was Fired Because She is Pro-Life Wins $374,000 in Court

Lifesite News—A pro-life Illinois nurse who was fired after refusing to refer mothers for abortions won her case in court this week and has been awarded $374,000 in damages and attorney fees. A local court in Illinois ruled that Sandra Mendoza Rojas, of Rockford, should not have been fired from the Winnebago County Health Clinic…

Colombia’s Constitutional Court decriminalizes abortion up to six months

Ultrasound scan of 15 week-old baby / Allo4e4ka/Shutterstock Bogotá, Colombia, Feb 21, 2022 / 21:08 pm (CNA). Colombia’s Constitutional Court has ruled 5-4 to decriminalize abortion up to six months, or 24 weeks of pregnancy. The high court ruling took place at an extraordinary session, while outside the court in Bogotá pro-lifers held a “Silence […]

Searching for true happiness: An interview of J. Budziszewski

Professor J. Budziszewski is the author of numerous books, including What We Can’t Not Know: A Guide (Ignatius Press), Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on Happiness and Ultimate Purpose (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), as well […]