Day 63: Israel’s Rebellion (2022)

In our reading of Numbers 14 today, Fr. Mike highlights how the rebellion of the Israelites which was marked by distrust and fear, will have consequences for their children. We also read today Deuteronomy 12, and Psalm 95. For the complete reading plan, visit Please note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not […]

St. Casimir (Kazimierz)

The patron saint of Poland and Lithuania, St. Casimir (1458-1483) was the second son of King Casimir IV and third in line for the Polish throne. While a youth, Casimir was educated by the great Polish scholar John Dlugosz, from whom he learned to be virtuous and devout; he also practiced many forms of penance, […]

Why Does Lent Begin in the Desert with Jesus and the Devil?

On the first Sunday in Lent, we find ourselves in the desert with Jesus and the devil. Why must our Lenten journey begin here? Gospel (Read Lk. 4:1-13) St. Luke tells us that after His baptism in the Jordan River, Jesus “was led by the Spirit into the desert for forty days, to be tempted […]