The Triumph of Justice Is Not Timebound

Jan Provoost (1462-1529), “The Last Judgment” ‘The Last Judgment will reveal that God’s justice triumphs over all the injustices committed by his creatures and that God’s love is stronger than death.’ (CCC 1040)

Day 213: The Redeemer (2022)

Fr. Mike touches upon the prophecy of judgment against Babylon and Israel, and how God still promises to be Israel’s redeemer despite their disobedience. We also read about Ezekiel’s vision of the temple and how the markings on the foreheads of the Israelites symbolizes the mourning of true worship, and also foreshadows Jesus’ death on […]

Attention & Outrage

Attention & Outrage By Anthony Domestico July 31, 2022 In a 1983 interview, the art critic Peter Schjeldahl tried to articulate why critics do what they do: I think at the root of the critical impulse is some kind of adolescent outrage at growing up and discovering that the world is not nearly what you […]

DICTATOR POPE: A Traditional Catholic Uprising

New from Remnant TV… In this Remnant Underground, Michael takes Francis to the mat for the “Great Apostacy” that was his be-feathered photo op blitz in Canada, apologizing to the indigenous for the fact that the Catholic missionaries who evangelized and civilized that nation were simply obeying the Divine Commission from Jesus Christ Himself.

The 10 Greatest Quotes of Jesus from the Gospels

What is your favorite quote of Jesus from the Gospels? On this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, Ryan Scheel, Fr. Rich The post The 10 Greatest Quotes of Jesus from the Gospels appeared first on .

Opinion: What Dr. Johnson can teach Pope Francis

Reading a Catholic paper yesterday, I must say I was rather startled to see the pope charging the Catholic priests who taught in the elementary schools of Canada with genocide. Returning from his trip to […]