Synodality and silos

The silos of a global missionary Church with two thousand years history are inevitably a major challenge for members of a synodal Church

Take Up My Yoke and Find Rest

In the Gospel, Jesus extends a paradoxical invitation:  Take up a “yoke” to find rest.  What did He mean? Gospel (Read Mt 11:25-30) Today’s reading is best understood in its context within Matthew’s Gospel.  In the preceding verses, Jesus upbraids some of the cities of Galilee for refusing to repent and believe in Him as Israel’s Messiah, even […]

Cultural Cabin Fever: The Education of Travel

It was common in the Victorian era for well-to-do middle and upper-class families to send their youths abroad towards the end of schooling—probably around what we would call 11th or 12th grade—and this was one of the key elements of “finishing” an education. The literary trope in fairy tales of “going to seek your fortune” […]

Ushering In the Demise of the West

Today’s Vortex features The Michael Voris Show’s special deep dive into Stalin’s plan to infiltrate the Catholic Church with communist agents. Some say many of the infiltrators went on to become bishops and cardinals.