Contemplating the chessboard of Church history

Clues and evidence of historical events are everywhere. Sometimes we forget that history isn’t confined to textbooks; its influences and repercussions are all around us, from the floor plans of our homes, to the roads […]

New cardinals, old debates, and the final say

Pope Francis on Sunday announced a consistory for the creation of new cardinals, and it’s a bumper crop. On September 30th, eighteen new red hats will gain voting rights in the next conclave, bringing the […]

A New Coalition to Beat Back America’s Liberal Bishops

TRANSCRIPT   Ever since the sham investigation by the Vatican into Bp. Joseph Strickland a couple weeks back, we’ve been thinking there’s much more at work here than just going after a bishop who posts Catholic truth on social media. You’ve got to follow the bouncing ball here — but really, only just a little. The order came […]

Pope Francis: Do we allow ourselves to be amazed at God’s works?

Pope Francis at the Angelus from St. Peter’s, July 9, 2023 / Vatican News Vatican City, Jul 9, 2023 / 07:09 am (CNA). The residents of three rich cities in the time of Jesus were incapable of marveling at his works and message, Pope Francis noted, seeing in their example a warning for the faithful […]

Stop Yoking Around — A Homily for the 14th Sunday of the Year…

We in the West live in a place and at a time in which almost every burden of manual labor has been eliminated. Not only that, but creature comforts abound. Everything from air conditioning to hair conditioning, from fast food to high speed internet, from to indoor plumbing to outdoor grilling, from instant computer downloads […]

Towards the Disappearance of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith?

All recall the old and very close relationship that unites Francis and “Tucho,” an old nickname of the new prefect. This relationship is not only linked to friendship, but also and above all to a community of thought. Thus, writes Luisella Scrosatti in La nuova Bussola Quotidiana: “Because after all, we already know Fernández: he […]