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Why Jesus Taught in Parables

In today’s Gospel, the disciples ask Jesus, “Why do You speak in parables?”  Good question! Gospel (Read Mt 13:1-23) Our Gospel opens with a picturesque scene of Jesus sitting “by the sea” and drawing such a large crowd that He had to get into a boat and go offshore a bit so the people could hear […]

Recusant Queen: The White Martyrdom of Henrietta Maria in Stuart England

Elena Maria Vidal’s historical fiction novel My Queen, My Love: A Novel of Henrietta Maria dramatizes the marriage of French Catholic Henrietta Maria to Protestant Charles I (Stuart) of England. After the Anglican revolution of Henry XIII, the English royal house was divided. Protestant Elizabeth I died with no issue. Despite Mary Queen of Scots’ heroic witness […]

St. Kateri’s Scars

To anyone who looked upon her face, Tekakwitha’s smallpox scars were the insignia of death. Born in 1656, the Mohawk girl sustained the pockmarks at the age of four. They were constant reminders of the deaths of her mother, father, and little brother from smallpox. With a sickly constitution, her vision marred by the disease, […]


Michael Matt’s video address to the International Symposium held in Tokyo, the theme of which is “Counter-revolution, a medicine for our times.” Indeed, it is a medicine, agrees Michael, but it is also an honor borne out of love.

U.S. Bishops’ Surefire Support for Gun Control & Climate Scams

TRANSCRIPT   We’ve been highlighting the U.S. bishops’ betrayal of foundational American values like the country’s borders and freedom of speech, especially religious speech. There are two more we’d like to focus on and will be highlighting during next week’s Deposit of Faith Coalition press conference in D.C. Those are the destruction of America’s economic […]