The Blessed Martyrs of Compiègne

In September of 1792, by decree of the French Revolution’s National Assembly, the Carmelites of Compiègne, France, had been cast out of their convent and forced to live as private citizens. Though they had been required to give up their religious habits and wear lay clothes, the nuns bravely continued to follow their Rule and […]

Taking on Jesus’ Restful Yoke

Zec 9:9-10; Rom 8:9,11-13; Mt 11:25-30 I remember being on my hands and knees many years ago, diligently scrubbing the floor of our seminary chapel. I saw it as plain drudgery then. I wondered why we had to shine those floors many days of the week. Was it because we were novices then? Such thoughts […]

Love Is Love

“Love is love” is a popular slogan and yard sign. Ask yourself this basic question:  Can one oppose the moral or natural law and live an authentic life of love? According to St Thomas Aquinas, God created the world through his love. John Paul II reiterates this in his Theology of the Body, and therefore in the […]

The Colossal Importance and Critical Spirit of Secular Media

TRANSCRIPT   Every Catholic who cares knows the Church is a flippin’ dumpster fire. Decades of moral, theological, liturgical and financial corruption by the hierarchy and many priests have finally come together in a hurricane-sized storm of massive loss of faith. One of the side effects, to put it in a somewhat crass term, was the sexual abuse […]

Rome, Home of the Saints

Why Rome? Why has Rome, along with the rest of Italy, been the home of so many saints and blesseds throughout the history of the Church? It’s impossible to arrive at a precise total for […]