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A Great Prophetess of the Church

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Early this morning, the great Alice von Hildebrand passed on into eternity. For decades, she taught, wrote dozens of articles and books and gave talks to Catholics around the world. Church Militant’s Joe Gallagher tells us about her dire warnings for our times.

Alice von Hildebrand was a faithful Catholic and a modern-day prophetess, warning of the spiritual dangers of modernism.

She worked with her husband — the great 20th-century Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand, until his death in 1977 — to awaken people to the fact that bad philosophy makes bad theology.

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand: “What you believe is up to you, and the question of truth is only to be limited [to] mathematics and science; there you can have truth. When it comes to ideas to philosophy to ethics to metaphysics, it’s all up to you, what you feel comfortable with.”

In books and talks, she warned about the dangers of feminism and helped bolster marriage and the family. Despite warnings of spiritual cataclysm, she also gave hope.

Von Hildebrand: “Of course, it’s a terrible crisis, but God will never abandon us. Of course, we have to beg God for good popes, for good cardinals, for good bishops; and it begins with the simple person in the pew who prays and sacrifice[es].”

After 98 years on earth, she told family members “the wick of her candle was growing ever shorter.” She longed to see the Lord and to be reunited with her husband, parents and friends. 

Six years ago, she gave an exclusive interview with Church Militant where she discussed the communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. You can find our 2016 interview with her right here at ChurchMilitant.com in the “Interviews” section (under the “Videos” tab).

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