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AARP Pushes Left

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A lot has changed since 1959, when a retired schoolteacher founded the American Association of Retired Persons. And a lot has changed with the U.S.-based interest group that today is simply known as AARP. Church Militant’s Kim Tisor takes a closer look at the influential lobbying group and its liberal agenda.

AARP: It offers shopping, travel and restaurant discounts; medical, homeowners, life and even pet insurance; plus useful articles intended to help aging readers live their best life. At only $16 per year, what’s not to like? A lot, if you’re a conservative.

For starters, it actively caters to the LGBT community.

The organization’s website plainly states AARP is inclusive in its policies, programs and advocacy positions and contains countless articles promoting and even honoring homosexuals.

Then, there’s the issue of left-leaning leadership. While AARP claims it’s nonpartisan and doesn’t endorse political candidates or parties, its executives do. According to campaign finance data from nonprofit Open Secrets, individual donors associated with AARP gave more than $200,000 in political contributions during the 2020 federal election cycle. Ninety-one percent went to Democrats.

When it comes to end-of-life issues, AARP is associated with a past bill that critics argued encouraged physician-assisted suicide. AARP’s site doesn’t directly state it supports euthanasia, but its policy book criticizes “a medical culture that emphasizes curing over other care goals.” And it calls for the removal of “all barriers to the appropriate management of pain and suffering,” arguably a subtle nod to the Culture of Death. 

Then there’s the promotion of abortion-tainted jabs, highlighting all the supposed benefits while downplaying the plethora of serious side effects.

Thankfully, there’s a handful of alternatives to AARP — all geared toward preserving and promoting conservative values throughout active members’ golden years.

More than 30% of U.S. citizens are over the age of 50 — that amounts to about 113 million people. Thirty-eight million of those belong to AARP.

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