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Abp. Viganò: Video Message for Turin “No Fear Day”


October 15, 2021

You have gathered, in such great numbers, in this piazza in Turin, as hundreds of thousands of people all around the world manifest their opposition to the establishment of a global tyranny. For months now, despite the deafening silence of the media, millions of citizens from every nation have cried out their “NO!” — No to the pandemic folly; no to the lockdowns, to the curfews, to the imposition of vaccines, to the health passports, to the blackmails of the totalitarian power enslaved to the elite. It is a power that reveals itself as intrinsically evil, animated by an infernal ideology and driven by criminal purposes. A power that now declares that it has broken the social contract and considers us not as citizens but as slaves of a dictatorship that today is a health dictatorship and tomorrow will be an ecological dictatorship.

This power is so convinced of having now succeeded
in its silent coup d’état that it shamelessly slams us in the face not only
with the ideology that motivates it but also with the religion that inspires
it. This very day on the Quirinal Hill — the Palace that was once the residence
of the Supreme Pontiffs in the City of Rome — an exhibition is opening that is
emblematically entitled “Inferno,” whose centerpiece is Auguste Rodin’s
sculpture The Gates of Hell, completed between 1880 and 1890. This work
was intended to serve as the entrance of the Museum of Decorative Arts in
Paris, and its model was also presented at the 1900 Paris Exposition to seal
the Masonic and anti-Catholic nature of that event. What’s more, for years now the
idol of Moloch from the set for the film Cabiria has stood at the
Colosseum. So we have the demon who devours children, the “Gate of Hell”
inspired by Charles Beaudelaire’s poems Fleurs du mal [Flowers of Evil],
and also the “Festival of Blasphemy” a few days ago in Naples. In the city of
Saint Januarius, with the permission of the municipal government, posters were
displayed showing horrible blasphemies against God, to celebrate freedom of
thought and speech by insulting the Lord.

They tell us clearly: they are servants of the
devil, and as such they claim the right to assert themselves, to be respected,
and to spread their ideas. And not only this: in the name of a usurped power — a
power that according to the Constitution ought to belong to the people — they
demand our obedience to the point of self-harm, the deprivation of the most
elementary rights, and the cancellation of our identity.

These courtesans of power, whom no one has elected and who owe their appointment to the globalist elite that uses them as cynical executors of their orders, have declared since 2017 in no uncertain terms the society that they want to achieve. In the documents about the Agenda 2030 that are found on the website of the World Economic Forum we read: “I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” Private property, in the plan of the globalists promoted by Klaus Schwab Rothschild, will have to be abolished and replaced by a universal income that allows people to rent a house, survive, and buy what the elite have decided to sell them, perhaps even sunlight and the air they breathe.

is not a dystopian nightmare: this is exactly what they are preparing to do,
and it is no coincidence that in these weeks we are hearing talk about the
revision of land registry estimates and incentives for the restructuring of
real estate. First, they make us go into debt with the mirage of restoring our
house, then the banks foreclose and rent it to us. The same thing happens with
work: today they tell us that we can work if we have the “green pass,” a
juridical aberration that uses the psycho-pandemic to control us, trace our
every movement, and decide if, where, and when we can go out and come home. The Agenda 2030 also includes electronic money, obviously, with the
obligation to buy and sell with a card that is linked to the “green pass” and
to social credit. Because the health emergency and the now-imminent ecological
emergency effectively legitimizes those who hold power to create a system for
evaluating our behavior, such as is already in force in China and Australia.
Each of us will have a certain score, and if someone is not vaccinated, if he
eats too much meat, if he does not use electric cars, he will have his points
reduced, and he will not be able to use certain services, travel by plane or
high-speed rail, or he will have to pay for his own medical care or resign
himself to eating cockroaches and earthworms in order to regain the points that
will allow him to live. I repeat: this is not a hypothesis of some “conspiracy
theorist,” but facts that are already happening, while the regime media extol
the usefulness of a subcutaneous chip that simplifies everything, combining the
green pass, the identity card, the credit card, and the tax record.

if today it is possible to prevent us from working simply because we do not
submit to an illegitimate, discriminatory, and oppressive rule, what do you
think will stop these tyrants from deciding that one day we cannot go out to
restaurants or go to work if we have participated in an unauthorized
demonstration, or if we have written a post on social media supporting home
remedies, against the dictatorship, or in favor of those who protests against
the violation of their rights? What will stop them from pressing a button and
preventing us from using our money, only because we are not registered in a certain
political party or because we have not worshipped Mother Earth, the new “green”
idol venerated even by Bergoglio.

want to deprive us of our very means of subsistence, forcing us to be what we
do not want to be, to live as we do not wish to live, and to believe in things
we consider to be a blasphemous heresy.

have to be inclusive
,” they tell us; but they hurl themselves against us,
discriminating against us because we want to remain sane, because we consider
it normal that the family is composed of a man and a woman, because we want to
preserve the innocence of our children, because we do not want to kill children
in the womb or the elderly and sick in their hospital beds.

model for society is based on brotherhood
,” they reassure us; but in this
society people can be brothers only by denying and blaspheming our common
Father. For this reason, we see so much hatred towards Our Lord, the Blessed
Mother, and the Saints. For this reason, under the pretext of celebrating the
Supreme Poet, they have not made an exhibition about Heaven, but rather about
Hell, which has become the place to be desired and achieved here on earth.

We respect all cultures and religious traditions,” they specify; and it is indeed true that all of the idols and superstitions find a place in the ecumenical Pantheon of the new Universal Religion desired by Freemasonry and the Bergoglian church. But there is only one religion that is banned: the true Religion that Our Lord taught to the Apostles, the Religion that the Church proposes to us to believe. It is indeed true that in the globalist melting pot all cultures find acceptance, with the exception of ours: the barbarism of polygamy, rudeness, incivility, opprobrium, everything that is ugly and obscene and offensive has the right to manifest itself and impose itself; and at the same time, with the utmost coherence, civilization — true culture, the treasures of art and literature, the testimonies of our Faith expressed in churches, monuments, paintings, and music — all of these must be banned so there can be no confrontation between them. There is no term of comparison that shows how horrible the world that they long for is, and how preferable is the world that they have made us deny and despise.

lie reigns, and there is no citizenship for the truth. You have experienced
this in recent months, seeing with what brazenness the mainstream has delivered
propaganda on behalf of the pandemic narrative, censuring every discordant
voice; and today those who are not in agreement with the System are not only
derided and discredited but are even criminalized, pointed out as public
enemies, and passed off as madmen on whom compulsory health treatment should be
imposed. These are the means that every totalitarian regime has used to deal
with political and religious adversaries. Everything is repeating itself, right
before our eyes, in a much more subtle and slimy way. Conversely, those who bow
down to the tyranny and offer it their fidelity are publicly praised, seen on
all the television programs, and pointed out as an authoritative reference.

protest against the “green pass” must not stop at considering this specific event, however illegitimate and discriminatory, but must expand to the
overall picture, knowing how to identify the aims of the globalist ideology,
those who are responsible for this crime against humanity and God, and those
who are accomplices and who are our possible allies. If we do not understand
the threat that looms over us all, limiting ourselves to protesting only one
detail — albeit a glaring one — of the entire project, we will not be able to
mount a strong and courageous resistance. A resistance that ought to be based
not on the simple request for freedom — however legitimate and shareable — but
rather on the proud claim of respect for our identity, culture, civilization,
and Faith that made Italy great and that animated every expression of the life
of our fathers, from the most humble to the most exalted.

“green pass” is only a further step towards the Gate of Hell that is displayed
today on the Quirinal Hill, as a brazen outrage carried out by those who
believe they are immovable and that they enjoy powerful protection.

do not have the billions of George Soros and Bill Gates; we do not have
philanthropic foundations, and we do not bribe politicians to make them allies;
we do not have televisions or social media with which to share our ideas; we
are not organized like the proponents of the Great Reset, and we have not
hypothesized pandemic or economic scenarios.

you see, even in our apparent weakness, despite not even succeeding in having
visibility on television or social media; despite being disorganized and little
inclined to demonstrate and protest — since this has always been the prerogative
of professional revolutionaries and the anarchoids of the Left — nevertheless
we have something they do not have. We have the Faith, the certainty of
Our Lord’s promise: “The gates of hell will not prevail.” And we are
likewise animated by an interior strength that is not our own, and that recalls
that serene courage with which the persecuted Christians faced persecutions and
martyrdom — a force that
frightens those who do not have a heart, that terrifies those who serve an
ideology of death and lies, who know that they are on the side of the eternally

forget, these wretched servants of the New Order, that their order is a
dystopia, indeed an infernal dystopia, that is repugnant to all of us precisely
because it does not consider that we are not made of electromagnetic circuits
but rather of flesh and blood, passions, affections, and acts of generosity and
heroism. Because we are human, made in the image and likeness of God. But the
demons are not able to comprehend this: and for this reason, they will fail

We respond to Rodin’s Gate of Hell with the Ianua
, the Gate of Heaven: the title with which we invoke the Most Holy
Virgin. May she who in the Book of the Apocalypse strikes the head of the
ancient Serpent be our Queen and our Leader in battle, in view of the triumph
of Her Immaculate Heart.

And so that this day on which you publicly and courageously demonstrate your opposition to the impending tyranny does not remain sterile and deprived of supernatural light, I invite you all to join me in reciting the words the Lord taught us. Let us do so with fervor, with an impulse of charity, invoking the protection of Our Lord and His Most Holy Mother over all of us, our families, our Homeland, and the entire world: Our Father, Who art in Heaven

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

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