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Arizona Election Errors

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In Arizona, a quasi-legislative hearing was held today where the 2020 election theft was front and center — as lawmakers heard expert testimony on what needs to be done to prevent further cheating in 2024.

In tonight’s In-Depth Report, Church Militant’s Hunter Bradford reports from Tucson on today’s proceedings and what they portend for future elections.

Doug Logan, Cyber Ninjas CEO: “Why does the system have to be that complicated? Why can’t it be something that’s transparent that everyone can look at? That’s the problem. That’s something that we need to fix. This should be something where anybody can come in and take a look at things.”

That was Doug Logan, lead of the Maricopa County forensic audit and CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the company that did the audit. He testified this morning [Monday] to fraudulent behavior in Arizona, touching on a number of voting irregularities, including mail-in ballots.


So in Maricopa County, we found that there was [sic] over 22,000 votes cast via mail-in ballot that, when we checked those addresses against the National Change of Address database (which is maintained by the U.S. Postal Service), we found that the individual had moved far before the mail-in ballot was sent. So how is it that 22,000 ballots were cast, when the individual no longer lived at that residence?

The corruption in the 2020 election runs deep and wide. 


We have an affidavit from an individual that worked in a major vendor of voter-roll software. And this individual indicated that they did not know what OWASP is — and I know a lot of people in this audience don’t know what OWASP is. But OWASP stands for the Open Web Application Security Project. They’re a non-profit organization that teaches coders how to code securely, and they’re the premier resource for how to do things the right way when you write a program. And so when you have programmers that have never even heard of OWASP, what you’re saying is they have not heard of the best practices on how to make sure your software is built in a manner that it cannot easily be compromised.

Logan is doing his best to uncover exactly what happened in Maricopa County. But people haven’t given him clear answers.


First of all, you may all be aware, but Maricopa County actually had a data breach that they said happened somewhere between Oct. 21 and Nov. 4. It was Elliot Kerwin: I believe it was alleged that Elliot Kerwin accessed the voter rolls and utilized it to get a lot of data. And they were saying that potentially a protected voters list had actually been compromised through that. But there hasn’t [sic] been any really clear statements out of Maricopa County fully stating how far and what access was had.

It’s not just about Maricopa county. The integrity of our elections — and, quite frankly, the future of the United States — is at stake.

The day-long hearing is the first of many election-integrity meetings being organized around the country in the coming weeks.


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