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AZ GOP Hopes to Rise from Death

Arizona State Senator Karen Fann: “I don’t think everybody fully understands the complexity of what it takes to do something like this.”

An Arizona insider is telling Church Militant the state’s enlisting four auditing companies to thoroughly canvass the 2020 election in its largest county.

John Yep: “The good news: The four auditing companies have been made public that Arizona is going to do.”

Maricopa county cast just over 2 million votes for president in November, with Biden supposedly winning the entire state by a little more than 10,000. Senate President Karen Fann announced last week Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas will be leading the audit, which will commence as soon as details are settled on logistics.

News narrator: “They will test voting machines, scan ballots, look for IT breaches and perform a hand count.”

John Yep of Arizona Catholic Vote believes there was widespread voter fraud in Maricopa county.

Yep: “That’s 2.1 million ballots that will be reviewed, hand-counted.”

Yep told Church Militant the county board held an emergency meeting last week in response to the announcement. The board refused to hand over voting machines after the election and has illegally been holding on to the votes this whole time, according to Yep. Church Militant asked him if there could be any shenanigans occurring behind the scenes with the votes before the audit begins.

Yep: “They were supposed to turn over those ballots to the secretary of state within about two weeks after the election. They’ve kept that for almost four months now. You have to ask why.”

Yep says the auditors will be bipartisan with the sole objective to uncover the truth. But what happens if the audit proves Trump won Arizona and a ripple effect occurs with other contested battleground states?

Yep: “I honestly do not know. … if there is a chance that Trump actually won, how important is that? Because what we’re seeing today is the advent of a complete socialist takeover of this country.”

The Luciferian media, meanwhile, is dusting off its talking-point slogans — like “baseless” and “conspiracy theory” — to spin the narrative.

News anchor: “Your reporting delivered a pretty big hit to the credibility of this audit, but none of this should come as a surprise because this really isn’t the first time that Senate President Karen Fann has wanted to hire conspiracy theorists.”

If the audit uncovers Trump did beat Biden, constitutional options are unclear. But, at the very least, the audit should support future election integrity.


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