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Be dreamers, ‘dazzled by the light of the Gospel,’ Pope preaches to youth on feast of Christ the King (Vatican Press Office)

The feast of Christ the King was also the 36th World Youth Day; during the years in which the major international gatherings are not held, World Youth Day takes place in local dioceses.

During his homily at Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis reflected on two images: “Jesus who comes with the clouds” and “Jesus who says to Pilate: ‘I am a king.’”

“With the freedom of Jesus, we find the courage we need to swim against the current,” the Pope preached. “Not the daily temptation to swim against other people, like those perpetual victims and conspiracy theorists who are always casting blame on others; but rather against the unhealthy current of our own selfishness, closed-mindedness and rigidity, that often seeks like-minded groups to survive. Not this, but swimming against the tide so as to become more like Jesus.”


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