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As radical gender ideology festers throughout the United States, sham-Catholic Joe Biden is sending American tax dollars overseas to promote LGBT propaganda across the globe. In tonight’s In-Depth Report, Church Militant’s Aidan O’Connor takes a closer look at Biden’s trans agenda. 

Biden’s administration has recently launched a multi-million dollar program to push gender ideology throughout the world. The U.S. Department of State unveiled its woke brainchild last month — titled the “Global LGBTQI+ Inclusive Democracy and Empowerment Fund” or “GLIDE fund” for short.

The international fund aims to place more gender-confused individuals in political office and public life, to promote pro-LGBT narratives in the media and to support sympathetic leaders in business and religion. GLIDE posits that “strong democracies are inclusive democracies.”

Taking the offensive, one of GLIDE’s objectives is to address and counter anti-democratic trends and disinformation in democratic processes.

This while unelected Biden’s administration also pledged a $1 million grant to advance racial equity in South America. The grant holds a “specific focus on Afro-Latinas and African-descendant members of LGBTQI+ communities.” 

Likewise, The United Nations recently launched an initiative in Central and South America to push woke ideology in the judicial systems. The U.N. program promotes legal reform on gender issues and abortion — even calling the denial of abortion an act of reproductive violence.

This comes after the United Nations recently adopted a resolution containing LGBT language for the first time, signaling a victory for gender-confused activists. Church Militant spoke with Stefano Gennarini, vice president for legal studies at the Center for Family and Human Rights (or C-Fam).

Stefano Gennarini, vice president for legal studies, C-Fam: “For over 25 years, governments from Western countries have tried to get some kind of recognition for sexual orientation and gender identity in U.N. policy, and they have failed repeatedly for 25 years. It seems like the day would never come; well, now it has.” 

The United States is — and has always been — the United Nations’ largest financial contributor. The United States provides nearly one-quarter of the United Nations’ multi-billion-dollar budget, almost double the second-highest contributor — communist China. 

While pushing gender theory overseas — even flying rainbow flags at embassies — Biden has turned his administration into a circus of gender-confused radicals. Critics wonder why sham-Catholic Biden’s radical agenda, along with billions of U.S. tax dollars, is assimilating so readily with woke foreign powers.

In 2016 and again in 2017, phony Catholic Biden himself officiated two gay so-called weddings — one while he was still vice president. 

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