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Canadian Clash Continues


The drama in Canada is coming to a head. The clash continues between freedom convoys dedicated to defending their human rights and the power-wielding forces led by Trudeau and the Luciferian media. Church Militant’s James Fedewa informs us on what’s new in this battle for freedom and how things may be coming to a boiling point.

Candice Bergen, MP, Canadian Conservative Party leader: “Let’s remind the prime minister this is Canada; this is not a dictatorship.”

In the land where the secular-progressive mob has been able to run roughshod, Canadians are not backing down from their Freedom Convoy.

Marcel Irnie, producer, IrnieracingNews: “It’s not just truckers — this is all of Canada. This is the Canadian convoy.”

Veterans and other citizens are determined to help protesters withstand the pressure.

Jeff, Freedom Convoy co-organizer: “To make sure that the people who are here in the streets, in their vehicles, in their trucks stay fed, they stay warm, they stay happy and they stay safe.”

While Trudeau is unleashing the Canadian Emergencies Act to quash the protests, his Parliament is jeering him.

Justin Trudeau, prime minister, Canada: “Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas; they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag.”

And one Parliament member would not let dictator Justin off the hook so easily.

Dane Lloyd, MP, Canadian House of Commons: “There are members of this conservative caucus who are descendants of victims of the Holocaust. For the prime minister to accuse any colleague in this house of standing with a swastika is shameful.”

Canada’s justice minister is proclaiming Trump supporters ought to be worried about frozen bank accounts. But protesters are dismissing Trudeau’s emergency-power move.

Freedom fighter: “Please come. Your country needs you, and we need your support.”

Truckers and their supporters continue to oppose unjust dictates, inspiring people around the world to do the same. How this battle will end, no one knows. The fight is sparking freedom movements around the world to withstand the global leftist power grab.

The spin given by Trudeau and his leftist cabinet is that the convoy movement is a bunch of right-wing racist radicals funded by the pro-Trump movement in the United States.