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Catholic vs. Katholic

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Fake Catholic Joe Biden’s unconstitutional overreach into the domain of vaccine mandates is being contested in the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, in Iowa, a Catholic legislator is asserting his state’s constitutional right to regulate the jab autonomously.

Church Militant’s Nadia Hazimeh dives into the fight to prohibit workplace intrusion into employees’ health status.

State representative Jon Jacobsen is working on a bill called “The Medical Privacy and Freedom Act,” which will ban employers from discriminating against workers based on vaccination status.

Rep. Jon Jacobsen, R-Iowa, District 22: “What we’re looking forward to is an evidentiary hearing to show that we need to protect Iowans — first of all, with respect to their personal, private medical data. Right now, that data intrusion is being exploited.”

Biden has attempted to curb the Chinese-communist virus by imposing a one-size-fits-all policy, attempting to coerce every American to get the jab, allowing for few to no exemptions.

Rep Jacobsen: “OSHA cannot simply come in by fiat and legislate; they cannot legislate because that’s outside of their purview. They are not a legislative body.”

Jacobsen is facing opposition from Democrats in Iowa. The minority leader has taken a narrow view of what the Constitution grants Americans, saying, “A job is not something that is guaranteed in the Constitution, right? You don’t have a constitutional right to a job.”

The U.S. bishops have been vocal supporters of the jab, and many have refused to authorize religious exemptions. Jacobsen offers them a consideration: “If the bishops look carefully, they would be reminded that the CDC itself says the mRNA does not prevent getting COVID, nor does it prevent the transmission of COVID.”

The Constitution grants the federal government limited power. The people determine the magnitude of said power.

The Iowa bill is still in the early stages but is in the same vein as a bill successfully passed in August by Montana’s Legislature.

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