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Concerning a Certain Diocese…

My dear Wormwood,

I want to applaud you with regard to the work you have undertaken in one of the Enemy’s foremost dioceses in the Americas. For far too long, that detestable place has flourished virtually unchecked by us. But since the enthronement of our beloved Pachamama in Rome, events have gone better than I expected! These humans never cease to amaze me with how easily corruptible they are.

Now let us discuss this opportunity you have with the promulgation of the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes (I am claiming full credit for that mockery of a title) and the responses to the Dubia issued by our English friend who covets a red hat. These documents have certainly stirred things up worldwide, but they can be of great aid to your sowing of division in that diocese.

I highly recommend you keep whispering into the ears of the Enemy’s top man there. Thus far, you have done well exploiting his false sense of obedience to his Roman authorities. If this was a bishop formed during the Middle Ages your remonstrations would not have worked. But the Enemy’s Church is now filled with so many weak and compliant men that your task is easier to accomplish. This bishop has already restricted the Enemy’s sacraments in that detestable ancient rite. This has caused immediate dissension amongst the priests and their faithful. Confusion and anger are great weapons!

Set your sights on the so-called Traditional Latin Mass. It must be expunged from that diocese. It is offered in far too many parishes, 21 at last count. Also, more than half the priests there have taken it upon themselves to learn that Mass with all its rubrics. 

Now is not the time to relax your efforts. Devoted nephew, let me remind you of our long-term goal here: the ruination of that diocese that has been a source of our angst for far too long. You know well the outcomes we desire:

Decline in vocations to the Enemy’s priestly and religious orders. Look at our success in Irelandthe land of saints and scholars…Ha!
Destruction of unity among priests and faithful. Here we can exploit the sons of the deceased Archbishop Lefebvre (he was a true thorn in our side). This will surely give the bishop much consternation.
Bring about financial troubles. Influence the people to spend more of their money on the many vices we offer instead of supporting their local parishes. Also, get those pesky folks who love their ancient liturgy to stop donating money by suppressing that form of worship.
Scandals, scandals, and more scandals. This will happen because the Enemy and his mother will withhold graces from the bishop because of his restrictions of that ancient rite.

Let me remind and assure you, dear Wormwood, that this formula has a proven track record of success. Look at so many of the Enemy’s dioceses that have crumbled! Those without Tradition crumble the fastest!

I do have a word of caution, however. This detestable diocese has many priests and religious who are quite devoted to the Enemy. Do not underestimate your task. There is even one priest, a discalced, who now goes about completely barefoot in the depths of winter offering his sufferings and discomforts so as to gain graces for his bishop. Waste no time with that priest. Go after the few soft ones, but keep your focus on that bishop and his advisors.

Remember, their Achilles’ heel is their total misunderstanding of obedience and their timidity in battle. Cowards and prideful men are always easy targets.

Finally, keep me abreast of your ongoing efforts in that most-hated of dioceses. I will keep you informed of my own efforts assaulting the Enemy’s Church at its highest levels. I am confident you will be able to duplicate my success. I remain,

Your affectionate Uncle,


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