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Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands | Casey J. Chalk

Throughout the world, over 200 million Christians face extreme persecution and violence. Even if they can escape the religious persecution in their home nation, they face further trials throughout their refugee and relocation, if they even get such an opportunity.

Longtime CE contributor Casey Chalk joins us to discuss the plight of the brave Christians who face such trials in Muslim nations and the places they flee to. As detailed in his new book, The Persecuted, Mr. Chalk has had a chance to hear first-hand accounts from Christian families he met while working in Bangkok. His book tells the stories of Christians in peril and even of modern martyrs — and then lays out a strategic plan for rescuing as many as possible from their plight.

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Casey J. Chalk is a contributing editor at the New Oxford Review, a senior contributor for the Federalist, and a frequent contributor to the American Conservative and Crisis Magazine. He holds a B.A. in history and a master’s in teaching from the University of Virginia, and a master’s in theology from the Notre Dame Graduate School of Theology at Christendom College. You can find his articles here on Catholic Exchange.

You can also find his book, The Persecuted: True Stories of Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands, through your favorite bookstore or online at Sophia Institute Press.

Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash


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