Below are found the most prominent opinions on the vaccine, please be aware that none of them are infallible. As with many moral questions, there is room for discussion and debate.

Many circumstances come into play when making the judgment on a vaccine including precisely which vaccine is being discussed, how it was “compromised”, the role of “remote” vs “proximate” cooperation, “material” vs “formal” cooperation, “grave necessity” or “grave inconvenience”, etc.

Catholic moral theology teaches that out of necessity one may “remotely participate” in an evil but one is never bound to do so and should exhaust all other alternatives before doing so. The issue of receiving vaccines developed from aborted cell-lines is a grave matter and must be approached with an informed conscience.

Want to learn more about the development
of vaccines from a Catholic point of view?

Check out VACCINATION: A Catholic Perspective by Pamela Acker. She abandoned the pursuit of a prestigious degree and a successful future in medicine by refusing to experiment on aborted fetuses. Her revelations prove everything people suspected about the vaccine/abortion industry. Ms. Acker was interviewed by LifeSiteNews and the video was quickly censored by Youtube.
You can watch the full interview on Rumble.

Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective – Pamela Acker