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Crisis and Hope in Arizona

News anchor: “Arizona is in the spotlight yet again here.”

Arizona is suffering the consequences of the 2020 election, with a recount that might become part of its solution.

Eyewitnesses are coming forth to convey their experience of the border crisis, with the state set to unveil what happened in their largest county during the recent election.

News reporter: “They allege fraud and voter suppression.”

Dexter Duggan, a journalist for The Wanderer Catholic newspaper and an Arizona resident, has firsthand knowledge of the crisis in his home state.

Duggan: “We have the second-longest border with Mexico. Texas is No. 1, Arizona is No. 2. California is No. 3. Some people say California is No. 2. Not in milage.”

According to Duggan, drugs and cartels are a very real problem in this immigration crisis.

Duggan: The smuggling activity is supposed to be reaping cartels $14 million a day.

Not only are large cities like Phoenix taking in illegal immigrants with just the clothes on their back, but small towns like Gila Bend are also pressured to do likewise.

Mayor Chris Riggs: “We have no extra capacity where we can bring somebody in. We truly have no resources here to be able to offer them.”

Duggan is not happy about the role of Kamala Harris with this border crisis.

Duggan: “Simply stated, she thinks there should be an open border.”

Nor does Duggan have confidence in the Catholic bishops.

Duggan: “The Arizona Catholic Conference [and the] USCCB, in effect they favor open borders.”

With all this happening, the state is conducting a hand recount for Maricopa County.

John Yep was state director for Arizona Catholic Vote.

Yep: “I’m someone who has been on the ground for the past three or four months with hundreds of thousands of volunteers doing their part. This is very exciting news.”

Yep reveals it’s the first time a major county has done a complete audit and thinks it might have a ripple effect.

Yep: “Other states have been paying very close attention to how the Arizona legislature has been acting. So you have Michigan, Georgia, New Hampshire — pay attention there — they also have been demanding a full recount.”

A major crisis on the southern border is allowing for human and drug trafficking into Arizona, while the state awaits the results of a hand recount. Arizona may be a very different place in a few months.


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