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Crisis Series #37: How Can an Indefectible Church Give us Deficient Worship?

We’ll finish our discussion from last week, all leading to the main question – how can the Church, which is indefectible, give us a rite of worship which is defective? Last week we looked at how the Church could, in fact promulgate errors through an ecumenical, non-dogmatic Council. Then we saw how the Church is not always infallible in its disciplinary laws – so today we’ll continue on that same track – looking at Liturgy. Have there been errors in Catholic Liturgy in the past? Were they corrected? What can history, and logic, tell us about the infallibility of the Church in its Liturgy? And can we be 100% certain about any of this, or does prudence have a role to play?

Next week, we’ll wrap up the conversation by looking at the magisterium of the Church, and then briefly touch on the infallibility of canonizations.

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