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Crisis Series #40: The Dream of Dakar – What’s the Mission of the SSPX?

We have 10 or so episodes left of this series. Over the last 39 episodes we’ve seen the history of the Crisis, the events leading up to Vatican II, the aftermath of the council, and in the last set of episodes the errors facing faithful Catholics as a result.

Now we’re going to get into the response to the Crisis – the traditional Catholic movement. And we certainly can’t talk about this movement without talking about the Society of Saint Pius X. But before we start talking about the history, which we’ll do in Episode 41, we have to look at the mission. What are the guiding principles behind the SSPX? And what led Archbishop Lefebvre to make certain decisions that he did about the organizational structure? He could have done a hundred different things. Why this?

We’re happy to welcome Father Stephen Reid to explain this now, on the SSPX Podcast.

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