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Crisis Series #41: The Parallels in Early Years of the SSPX with Today’s Traditional Movement

In this episode, we’ll be looking at the history of the Society of Saint Pius X up to the point when Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated the bishops in 1988. But it doesn’t seem like history – in fact, some of the events that shaped the SSPX in its early years seem like they are repeated in the 1990’s, in the early 2000s, and certainly in the pontificate of Pope Francis. We’ll also see how another future pontiff, Pope Benedict, was a major influence in the Society, when he was negotiating on behalf of the Vatican, as Cardinal Ratzinger. Through the nearly 20 years, we’ll see how the Archbishop reacted both to trials he faced as the only defender of Tradition in the Church – and to the rapid blessings bestowed on the Society – and we can learn how to face the same today.

Archbishop Lefebvre – the Documentary: https://youtu.be/Cf9oy7wDkms

Biography of Archbishop Lefebvre: https://angeluspress.org/products/marcel-lefebvre-biography

Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre: https://angeluspress.org/products/apologia-pro-marcel-lefebvre-3-vol-set-hb

Vatican Encounter: https://angeluspress.org/products/ebooks-vatican-encounter

Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican: https://angeluspress.org/products/lefebvre-vatican

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