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Enough Is Enough! But Is It?

With so many of our bishops being stone-cold brain-dead, even shouting from the rooftops will not suffice to get them to resign, step down and move aside.

USCCB’s fall General Assembly, 2021

As a group of men whose sole job is to shepherd the Catholic Church, they have in large part failed to do their jobs even mediocrely. As a victim of homosexual predation in my youth, I would like to see some of the worst offenders in this Lavender Mafia just walk away from their posts and leave the job of shepherding to competent, holy priests. Enough is enough already! I for one have had enough of these gay bishops in my lifetime.

Our Lord tells us in the gospels, “By their fruits, you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16). Here in America, the hierarchy has certainly produced a tremendous amount of bad fruit.

Not even one of these lavender prelates has contritely resigned.

With $4 billion paid out to U.S. victims of homosexual predation, the corruption stinks to high Heaven and is ample evidence of bad leadership by some truly rotten prelates. Yet despite these payouts and the hundreds of thousands of victims and millions of people worldwide who have walked away from the Church, not even one of these lavender prelates has contritely resigned. I suppose they are too busy depleting the patrimony of the Church for their gay lifestyle to entertain turning in their miters and living a life of penance. All these evils are devastating to the Church because of the lavender crowd’s full embrace of sodomy.

These are all cursed and damned men if they don’t show true signs of repentance before they die. Eternity for these cursed men would most certainly find them in some deep pit of Hell owing to their complicity in sexual predation of their flock and the destruction of the Church by their promotion of sodomy.

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The Vortex: Kinda Creepy

Sacred Scripture tells even a casual reader of the texts that sodomy is not natural and condemned by God. Yet despite the clarity of the biblical texts, many of these evil bishops ignore God’s word. And if they don’t themselves engage in the sin of sodomy, they give their fellow actively sodomitic clerics a pass. You hear these men bantering the B.S. of the political Left: “Love is love,” don’t you know? What absolute rot, from the mouth of the Devil himself, who laughs at all these evil men. He does not even need to tempt them for them to do his bidding.

This pandering to the LGBT mob reveals the real proclivity of these men.

As a young victim of sodomy, you don’t have to tell me gay sex is unnatural. Even animals prove this; you don’t see them habitually engaging in sodomy. A species that uses its procreative organs inaccurately (a nice way of putting it) will not reproduce! A little hint to the wise here: This is the reason why the Devil promotes homosexuality. The Devil hates humanity and wants an end to human beings. Sodomites cannot reproduce — end of humanity. In just one generation, there’d be one ugly end to the world.

As a victim, I have suffered enough already. Today in my senior years, I don’t need to be “mentally raped” by the current lavender prelates who — instead of attacking the evil that is destroying the Church — continue to pander to the devil of impurity. This pandering to the LGBT mob reveals the real proclivity of these men.

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News Report: More of the Same

And talk about pandering to the LGBT mob: What absolute nonsense is Pope Francis’ line, “Who am I to judge?” Well, for starters, you’re the pope! You, as the man sitting on the Chair of Peter are supposed to uphold the dogmas of the Church. While seated there, it is your job! And sodomites sodomizing one another violates multiple dogmas of the Church. You may not have had the experience of being sodomized, but the actual experience of it does not feel good. And of all the insults, your seeming approval of sodomy — your validation of homosexual behavior as pope — was the worst.

Fr. James Martin enjoyed an audience with Pope Francis

Additionally insulting was Pope Francis giving an audience to the pro-sodomite priest Fr. James Martin. The only audience a pontiff should have given to a priest like James Martin was an audience to strip him of the priesthood. There should be no priests running around the globe promoting sodomy, period! Sodomy is described in Sacred Scripture, our sacred Tradition and the Church’s dogmas as an evil, and yet Pope Francis seemingly gave approbation to this lavender priest? Words do not suffice for this evil playing out at the highest levels of the Church.

Enough is enough! There have been more than enough victims of homosexual predation. There have been more than enough people just walking away from the Church because of the gay or gay-friendly prelates running it. The innumerable victims of these sodomites are crying to Heaven for justice: “If only God will intervene on a biblical scale and cleanse the Church from these lavender prelates who are destroying it. Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth!”

— Campaign 32075 —


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