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EWTN NEWS NIGHTLY – 03/31/2021 – EWTN News Nightly | Wednesday, March 31, 2021

On “EWTN News Nightly” tonight: Fresh off spending $1.9 trillion on Covid-relief, the White House unveiled the new “American Jobs Plan” aimed at repairing infrastructure and creating a network of Electronic Vehicle Chargers across the United States of America. Republicans are concerned the massive package could overheat the economy and lead to inflation, while Democrats are telling their colleagues across the aisle, we will pass it, with or without you. Last week, the governor of Arkansas signed a measure to protect conscience rights of medical professionals. Executive Director of the Christ Medicus Foundation, Louis Brown, joins to share how important this measure is and what are some of the specific instances where it would help a Catholic medical professional. A report in the National Catholic Register says the Vatican is in crisis management mode with Catholic bishops in Germany. Editor in Chief of Catholic News Agency Germany, AC Wimmer, joins to tell us what the head of the German Bishops Conference said that was alarming. And a new study says that among Catholics, those who attend Mass weekly are more likely than others to say a politician who disagrees with Church teaching should be denied Communion. Professor of Political Science at Grove City College, Dr. Paul Kengor, joins to share what he made of the findings in the pew study. And finally this evening, Rome Correspondent, Colm Flynn joins to tell us more about Pope Francis’ Easter schedule at the Vatican this year.

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