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EWTN NEWS NIGHTLY – 04/05/2021 – EWTN News Nightly | Monday, April 5, 2021

On EWTN News Nightly tonight: Pope Francis led Easter celebrations throughout the weekend, in Rome with a message of light and consolation for all people amidst the trials of the coronavirus pandemic. President Joe Biden marked Easter and used the holiday to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated against coronavirus, saying, “We share the sentiments of Pope Francis who has said that getting vaccinated is a moral obligation.” Meanwhile, the governor of Georgia is fighting back after Major League Baseball pulls the All-Star game from the state of Georgia over its new voting law. The Senior Political Columnist for the Washington Examiner and American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Resident Fellow, Tim Carney, joins us to talk more about this new voting law. And outside the Capitol, police are looking at ways to make the Capitol safer after a man rammed his car into a barricade on Good Friday, killing one officer and injuring another. Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Joel Griffith, joins to discuss the Biden administration’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, known as the American Jobs Plan. And finally this evening, Monday night is the championship game in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. For the fourth time in five tournaments, a Catholic school has reached the finals. Author John Gasaway, joins to discuss why Catholic colleges have done so well in basketball.

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