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First ‘Gay’ Pope


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

Back in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was in the White House, they used to call him America’s first Black president. 

It was a reference to his policies, which liberals said were so good for Black Americans that it was like Bill was Black. That was a lie, of course. No Democratic policies are ever good for Blacks. It was all political smoke and mirrors. 

However, the terminology works in relation to what going on in Rome right now when it comes to homosexuals. Following the same pattern, Francis is the Church’s first gay pope. He is certainly the first pope in history to not only first use the word gay but to throw it around nonstop. 

There’s something deeply wrong with a religious institution, especially the only one founded by the Son of God, especially this one, to be so welcoming to sodomy. LGBT is all about self-identifying by a perverted sexual act or acts. Period. These acts are immoral, evil and intrinsically disordered. They go against nature; they go against God. 

They certainly aren’t the only sexual acts or relationships that do, but they seem to be on the papal radar, as well as his advisors’, with an eerie frequency.

In fact, he never shuts up about them.

If you tabulated the number of times the pope has talked about fornication, cohabitation, masturbation, pornography, adultery and so forth, all of them combined could not hold a candle to his nonstop yammering on about gay stuff. He is nonstop praising people in the Church pushing for more gay sex. He celebrates them publicly, sends them private letters (which become public), gives them awards, private audiences. 

They deny the Church’s moral teaching, its doctrine.

He has created a victim class in the Church by constantly repeating the LGBT propaganda, and then he has elevated that victim class to near sainthood.

The news came out last month that he had sent a personal letter (not the first time he has done such a thing in this area) to Sr. Jeannine Gramick, extolling her work. He called her a “valiant woman” who had suffered much for her ministry. The pope needs to get his moral radar much better finely tuned.

Gramick, whose work has previously been condemned not just by the Vatican, but her own order, her work — let’s be perfectly clear here — is to get Catholics to accept that anal sex between men is good and holy. Apparently, she’s got the pope accepting that. The pope, you recall, counts Fr. James Martin, lover and promoter of gay sex himself, as a good buddy.

Martin is another heretic just like Gramick. The fact that the current openly gay Vatican won’t call them heretics or previous weak-kneed pontificates let them carry on with slaps on their limp wrists does not make them not heretics.

They are. They deny the Church’s moral teaching, its doctrine. They twist it and pervert it at every turn and every opportunity, painting it as some kind of human rights issue when it’s actually about sin and salvation.

Here’s a question for His Holiness: Why should gay men get to participate in anal sex and it be labeled good and holy, and fighting for it is valiant, yet heterosexual couples can’t do the same type of thing in their arena? Why can’t straight couples contracept or cohabitate or fornicate?

In fact, why is it we never hear anything about these topics from the Francis pontificate? No one around him ever talks about them. No one ever produces literature about them. No fornicating, cohabitating, pornography-using straight couple ever gets a personal letter from the Pope praising them for their valiance and heroism and determination and work with the “marginalized” and so forth.

New Ways Ministry has had an “in” at the Vatican for years now, starting under the tenure of Fr. Thomas Rosica when he was the English-language dude at the Vatican press office, starting almost at the beginning of Francis’ pontificate.

The creepy Rosica (eventually busted for massive amounts of plagiarizing, and lying about his academic credentials) was massively pro-gay, perhaps even gay himself. On his little network in Canada, Salt & Light, he used to routinely promote anything he could in the Church related to the rainbow propaganda.

He was a huge fan of the now-dead Fr. Gregory Baum — an enormous mover and shaker behind the scenes at Vatican II. Rosica had him on his show once and lauded him, calling Baum his hero and mentor and any other accolade that he could think of.

It turned out that Baum was, and had been for decades (going back to his time working at Vatican II), an active homosexual who was trying to undermine the Church’s sexual teaching all the way back then. No wonder Rosica loved him so much.

But the link is important to understand because Rosica, in his role at the Vatican press office, is the one who opened the door for New Ways Ministry. Not even an actual media organization, he used to get them passes to sit in the press conferences but, more importantly, he ensured that they got picked to ask questions (and not just single questions, which is rare enough, but follow-up questions).

Of course, the questions weren’t really questions as much as they were statements with a question mark at the end — statements that were down with gay sex.

Rosica, for the record, was the same force behind the scenes which, for the first time ever, got a group at World Youth Day in 2011 officially declared “unofficial.”

That group was Church Militant.

Likewise, Rosica also was the one who got us and our press credentials canceled at the Vatican press office once he discovered we had slipped through the Vatican paperwork process.

The Church is crawling with gays (and, by that, we mean active homosexuals) who do everything they can, like a swarm of termites, to bring down the structure. These Church leaders, including Pope Francis, have done everything in painting the perverts as some kind of heroes and their work outstanding. Heck, James Martin even once said that there are gay saints in Heaven.

They take what is beautiful and they pervert it.

Of course, that slimy priest carefully crafts his words so as to walk right up to the edge of heresy without ever actually stepping over the line — at last with his words. The implications and weight and thrust of his words are far over the line. He knows it, the crowds who gather to hear him know it, his social media fanboys know it and the pope knows it.

When Martin makes a comment like that (gay saints in Heaven), he means men who used to have anal sex with each other (or many others) who were nice and loving and socially acceptable and fought for social justice are in Heaven. He does not mean men (or women) who carried the cross of same-sex attraction and tried their best to live according to the Church’s teaching and died in a state of sanctifying grace.

Those people are the ones who should be getting letters from the pope calling them valiant and heroic and so forth — not perverts like Martin and Gramick. And let’s be very clear here: Martin and Gramick and that entire gay crowd, including those in robes, are all perverts. They take what is beautiful, ordained by Almighty God, and they pervert it. They twist it to fit their own perverse agenda. That’s the very definition of a pervert — one who destroys the good and the innocent and misshapes them.

A number of years back, Church Militant released a Vortex saying Pope Francis should resign owing to violating his own protocols regarding sex abuse cover-up by bishops. He personally sheltered some of them, promoted them and protected them from further publicity. That was in the somewhat-narrow range of actual sex abuse of minors. But now he has become a cheerleader for all things gay — not just in the Church itself but in society as well.

It matters little that he has come out against actual sacramental marriage between two men or two women. What matters is that he has no regard for their souls. That is no place for a pope to be, no matter how much those around him (perverts) celebrate him.

You’re an old man, Holiness. A tired, old, increasingly mean, judgmental, pro-gay man. It will not be long before you are standing before God. Repent or resign.

The Church doesn’t need a “gay pope.”