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Follow St. Barnabas’ example of patience and brotherhood, Pope tells Catholics of Cyprus (Vatican News)

On the first day of his apostolic journey to Cyprus and Greece, in which he has put a focus on migration, Pope Francis addressed clergy, religious, catechists, and lay movements at the Maronite Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace in Nicosia, the nation’s capital. According to the Vatican statistics, only 4.5% of Cypriots are Catholic; the eastern Mediterranean nation of 1.3 million (map) is 67% Orthodox and 23% Muslim.

“I thank you for what you are and what you do, for the joy with which you proclaim the Gospel and for the effort and sacrifice with which you strive patiently to embody and spread its message,” the Pope said. “This was the path traced out for you by the holy Apostles Paul and Barnabas” [who visited Cyprus].

“It is my hope that you will always be a patient Church that discerns, that is never frightened, but discerns, accompanies and integrates, a fraternal Church that makes room for others, and can disagree while always remaining united and that grows through such disagreements,” the Pope added.


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