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Freaking Out


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I’m Michael Voris, coming to you from Tucson, Arizona, at what is the beginning of a new major pushback by Trump Republicans to expose the cheating that took place in 2020.

For nine hours Tuesday, nine Arizona state lawmakers heard expert testimony as well as witnesses who saw the cheating firsthand — like so many did all around the country. This quasi-formal legislative hearing is the first of roughly a dozen that are going to happen around the country in the next few months.

And that has the Left freaking out — and here’s why: This kind of relentless focus on the cheating that occurred in 2020 is encouraging a resentment among rank-and-file Republicans not only aimed at Democrats but, most importantly, at RINOs (Republicans in name only).

The GOP is being reshaped.

More political conservatives are getting involved, running for office and challenging the status quo in the party — a status quo that they say allowed the election theft to go unchallenged and permitted Biden to waltz into the White House.

So they are determined to fully expose the cheating (even more so) and hold RINOs responsible by ending their political careers. Once that is achieved, political conservatives will have almost complete control over the machinery of the election process and install roadblocks to blow up the Left’s takeover.

More political conservatives are getting involved, running for office and challenging the status quo in the party.

So far, the strategy is working and working so well that the Marxist Democrats are losing their minds.

In just the past week alone, both The Atlantic and The New York Times have gone ballistic over what is going on. The title of The Atlantic’s article says it all: “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun.”

And the subtitle demonstrates exactly how the GOP is being portrayed: Donald Trump’s GOP is much better positioned to subvert the next election.

What’s going on in the rank and file of the GOP is being painted as subversion of the system.

A couple of days after The Atlantic article, The New York Times piled on in an extensive article titled “Letting Losers Win.” The Times pushed the narrative that what’s going on at events like this one here in Pima County, Arizona, is a subversion of the system. In it, you almost hear Democrats’ heads exploding.

Michigan secretary of state Democrat Jocelyn Benson, who turned away thousands of voters asking for an audit of the questionable vote in the state, is quoted as saying, “This is a five-alarm fire. If people … aren’t taking this as the most important issue of our time and acting accordingly, then we may not be able to ensure democracy prevails again in ’24.”

In another section (“In Plain Sight”) precisely what is happening here in Arizona is being expanded on: “The main battlegrounds are swing states where Republicans control the state legislature, like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

And with that lone sentence, the Marxists have identified the source of their fears. Those five states have come to determine the winner of the presidency, and all five have Republican legislatures, legislatures that are now being primed to do what should have happened prior to 2020 — that the voting process not be able to be co-opted by the Democrats. And within the GOP, the memo has gone out: Get on board with this now or you will be primaried and replaced with a new Republican who is dedicated to preventing “the steal” in 2024.

The GOP fell asleep at the switch over the past decades and allowed Marxism to infiltrate all levels of government.

The political landscape is thus shaping up to be this:

The GOP fell asleep at the switch over the past decades and allowed Marxism to infiltrate all levels of government
Part of the “falling asleep” involved the gradual increase of RINOs in the party leadership
As the Left increased its grip on the institutions of political power and the media, they reached a point where they were able to actually cheat sufficiently to flip an election, to steal it
Now patriots and political conservatives are waking up to all of it and understand that just as the Democratic Party was purged of so-called moderates, the exact same thing needs to be done within the Republican Party.

That process is off to the races and scoring major successes — hence the reason for lefties’ heads exploding. Trump is, and was, the impetus for this, but at this point, it has grown bigger than Trump the man.

Call it Trumpism if you want, but whatever you call it, the Marxist Democrats are freaking out.

You may have heard the political saying that whatever the Left accuses you of is actually what they are doing themselves. We saw that with Hillary and the Russia narrative as well as Biden and the Ukraine narrative. And now here we are, seeing it again. Democrats, who have had to cheat and subvert to attain the power they have, are now seeing a formidable resistance form against their evil to actually reverse it and, true to form, patriots are being accused by them of cheating and subverting democracy.

Faithful Catholics will undoubtedly notice the eerie parallels with the Marxist takeover of a vast portion of the Church as well.

Being asleep at the switch (for way too long) has allowed a gradual corruption of the usual life of the Church, and it has now reached the point where the Marxist forces within the Church feel free to accuse the faithful of being rigid, too tied to tradition and so forth. Faithful Catholics need to take a page out of the conservative political playbook and start actively pushing back.

While the Church is not a democracy, there are ways to make your voices heard and effect at least some change:

First point: Wake up and realize what’s going on with hierarchical corruption
Second: Stop giving them money
Third: To the extent you can, get out of bad parishes with gay pastors and liberal lay leadership
Fourth: educate yourself in the Faith
Fifth: join up with your diocesan Church Militant Resistance group and get activated

Being asleep at the switch (both in the political world and especially the Church) opened a door for communism to walk into both and set a plan in place to destroy.

Church Militant has been hammering on this for years now — the interplay between the political world and the Church. If the communists are not actively challenged on every front, they will succeed.

The duty of the new Republicans and faithful Catholics is to realize that this is the call of our time — to battle back and defeat all this evil. 

The bad guys are freaking out because they see what is shaping up to be a challenge to everything they have achieved. We need to make sure they realize their fears.

As the 2022 midterms come into focus, remember that Church Militant is your go-to source for all things related to Catholicism and the political order.


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