Order. Discipline. Brotherhood. Greatness.

Friday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel, there are four important points:

1. The paralytic is brought to Jesus by his friends; 2. The paralytic wants to be brought to Jesus; 3. The paralytic’s sin are forgiven; and 4. Even the paralytic’s physical impairment is cured.

This Gospel’s focal point is to demonstrate that Jesus had power not only over the physical condition of the paralytic but more importantly over the sinful situation of the person. And indeed, we know that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.

However, these passages also allow us to reflect on ourselves and how we approach Jesus.

1. Do we need other people to bring us to God or even remind us of God? How about the things that God wants us to do?2. Do we need to be reminded that we need not only physical healing but also spiritual wholeness? 3. Do we have friends that we need to bring to Jesus for physical healing and spiritual wholeness?

The Lord truly wants to heal us, to help us, to make us whole. Let us
approach him with this confidence.


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