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Friday of the First Week of Advent

It’s easy for one to be blinded when faced with many pressing issues that are thrown upon us. There are so many responsibilities to handle and various commitments to fulfill. After a while, the intense pressures of what need to be accomplished can overwhelm our direction and priorities.

Life can indeed be confusing. We have conflicts between making money and spending more time with our families. We sometimes let our emotions over whelm our sensibilities. We at times unintentionally hurt people that have no fault. We lose sight on what’s important such as the blessings we already have and the people we value.

During times like those, we need to trust in our Savior’s healing power to cure our blindness. We need to entrust our faith in Jesus to open our eyes to see things that are important.

Restoration of our sight brings about renewal of our faith. We may be like the two blind men in proclaiming the wonders Jesus has shown us. We start to see more clearly. May we love him more dearly in order to follow him more nearly, day by day.


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