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Gay Predation in Rome Seminary

New developments in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit are showing that an elite American university in Rome is not everything it appears to be. In tonight’s In-Depth Report, Church Militant’s Christine Niles exposes the sordid details.

Fr. Peter Harman: “This has been an extraordinary year.”

More evidence bolstering allegations Fr. Peter Harman — outgoing rector of the Pontifical North American College in Rome (NAC) — promoted predatory homosexuality by his vice rector, Fr. Adam Park.

Park was exposed by former seminarian Anthony Gorgia, who filed a $25 million lawsuit against Harman earlier this year alleging retaliation for blowing the whistle on Park’s gay predation. Now, another seminarian is backing him up.

From a newly filed affidavit by former classmate Curtis Weisenburger: “I, along with other NAC seminarians, observed that Park openly displayed uninvited homosexual behavior toward subordinate seminarians who were young, handsome, athletic, naÏve and who exhibited vulnerable characteristics.”

He went on to say Park was protected not only by Harman, but also by homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick, and his protector and successor in Washington, D.C., Cdl. Donald Wuerl. N

After reporting homosexual predation he witnessed at the NAC, Weisenburger says he was driven out: “Since my resignation, I have come to learn that I am only one of many former seminarians who suffered reprisals after experiencing or reporting sexual harassment and misconduct in their seminaries.” 

Long before this, another whistleblower, Thomas Muñoz, suffered similar retaliation after he exposed Harman’s alleged homosexual ties to Bp. George Lucas, then head of the Springfield, Illinois diocese.

While a 2005 diocesan investigation cleared Lucas and Harman, Special Agent in Charge Kenneth McCabe says the probe was a sham.

From his recent affidavit: “After my thorough review, I find that the methods employed in the Panel Report are consistent with the attributes of a whitewash” — going on to note the investigative panel was handpicked by Lucas, never questioned Lucas or other key witnesses and ignored crucial evidence.

With multiple whistleblowers on the record detailing a track record of retaliation from Fr. Harman, Gorgia appears to be building up a strong case for his lawsuit. 

While we didn’t have time go into the details of Special Agent McCabe’s affidavit, it presents a damning picture of contradictions and inconsistencies between what the Springfield diocese claims and what actually happened.

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