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‘Gender Queer’ Gone

A perverted book drowning in controversy is set for removal from one public school district, while a neighboring district defends its presence on the shelves. Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia announced it will remove the filthy book, while Fairfax County Public Schools is claiming the book is suitable for children. Church Militant’s Hunter Bradford recently spoke with the Catholic founder of Mama Grizzly, who first shed light on the filth.

After an investigation, Loudoun County Public Schools recently decided to remove the book Gender Queer. The schools’ superintendent announced, “The pictorial depictions in this book ran counter to what is appropriate in school.”

Although Fairfax County Public Schools temporarily removed the books during an investigation, it finally concluded Gender Queer is “appropriate for high school readers.”

But despite the obvious graphic depictions, the Fairfax district even bullet-pointed what it called the “merits” of Gender Queer, claiming “students with a related experience will feel affirmed, and others can gain understanding and empathy” and alleged “the book neither depicts nor describes pedophilia.”

Stacy Langton: “It’s very dishonest of our superintendent, Scott Brabrand, to say that it is not obscene and it’s not containing pedophilia because it has objectively that.”

In an interview last year, the gender-confused author of the book claimed resistance to Gender Queer was “sort of an angry effort because they know the tides are already turned against them.”

Stacy Langton: “She’s confused because she was exposed to this type of material. We’re having an epidemic of gender confusion going on, probably due to social media and the proliferation of these types of pornographic materials.”

The Loudoun County school district might suggest the tides are slowly turning back against the corruption of children in public schools.

For more information on the fight to protect children in public schools, check out MamaGrizzly.org.


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