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Getting Better?

Priests ordained in the last 11 years are more faithful to Catholic Church teaching, according to a new study.

The report, published Nov. 2, examines the question, “Is homosexuality in the priesthood diminishing?” It explores the results of the 2021 Survey of American Catholic Priests to compare the faithfulness of priests ordained before 1981 to those ordained after 2010.

It shows dramatic differences in how priests have gotten more faithful to Church teaching over the last 40 years. The report notes, “A full 92% of older priests said that younger priests are more conservative than past generations.” 

“In fact,” it continues, “0% of older priests said that younger priests are ‘much more liberal’ today than in past years.”

Regarding the immorality of same-sex sexual activity, only 34% of priests ordained before 1981 reaffirm Church teaching — that it is “always” sinful.

But over the succeeding decades, open priestly support for Church teaching is seen to increase exponentially. For priests ordained between 1981–1990, their adherence to Church teaching jumps up 11% from the previous decade, topping out at 45%. 

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Adherence to Church teaching for those ordained between 1991–2000 is at 57%, followed by an exponential jump to 82% for those ordained between 2001–2010. Finally, priests ordained after 2010 are at a whopping 89%. 

The report suggests that older, more theologically dissident priests are dying out. 

Almost 90% of priests ordained in the last 10 years reaffirm Church teaching on the immorality of homosexuality.

The Download panelists asked the question, “Why is there even dissent from Church teaching in the first place?” Because as good as it is that almost 90% of priests ordained in the last 10 years reaffirm Church teaching on the immorality of homosexuality, there are still 10% who don’t.

Goodbye, Good Men

Many faithful Catholics know about the moral and doctrinal upheavals in the Church for the last 60 years. According to the 2015 book Goodbye, Good Men by Michael Rose, open and active sodomites proceeded through seminaries in the 1960s and ’70s. 

Faithful seminarians were threatened to keep their mouths shut or get booted out. Meanwhile, men who were too obvious in their adherence to the Church’s theology were kicked out.

Many sodomites were promoted to places of authority in the Church and placed men like themselves to run seminaries, chanceries and parish religious education programs. 

While good men have gotten through, Church teaching has become diluted for many people, and there is widespread confusion regarding what the Church actually teaches.

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