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Hope on the Horizon?

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is doomed to function as an international homosexual crime syndicate until something drastic changes. But that change may be coming to the Church very soon with a crop of new priests. Church Militant’s Hunter Bradford unpacks a recent survey revealing a new generation of Church leaders.

A recent study gives the faithful legitimate hope for the future of the priesthood in the Catholic Church.

The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture surveyed priests on a number of issues, including same-sex attraction, abortion, birth control, and same-sex “marriage.” 

The conclusion? Younger priests were found to be much more orthodox than their older counterparts: “Ninety percent of priests ordained after 2010 said that abortion is always a sin, compared to just 56% of priests who were ordained prior to 1980.”

There is clearly a gap between the less orthodox older generation of priests and the more orthodox younger generation.

Almost 90% of priests ordained after 2010 said homosexual behavior is “always” sinful. Less than 35% of priests ordained before 1981 said the same. 

A big reason for the gap is that for years the seminary system was hijacked to screen out good young men.

Michael Voris: “Imagine for a moment a seminarian back in the 1970’s or ’80s objecting to his gay rector, or vocations director, or faculty or whoever, that homosexual acts are gravely sinful and the inclination is disordered. He’d have been gone in seconds.” 

Interesting thing is, the older priests, while remaining unfaithful to Church teaching, know the younger bunch is orthodox.

According to the study, “A full 92% of older priests said that younger priests are more conservative than past generations.” 

This doesn’t mean the younger priests are perfect though — far from it. 

Dr. William Mahoney: “Current rector of the North American College (NAC), Fr. Peter Harman, participated in a gay orgy with his former bishop and others in the presence of vulnerable seminarians. This, according to eyewitness testimony covered in the lawsuit.”  

There is still much corruption to be exposed, especially on the part of bishops and where the Church’s money goes.

“Throughout the USCCB’s roughly 50-year existence, not once has the conference taken up a national collection to end abortion. From 2020–2022, another national collection is Peter’s Pence, whose donations helped fund the 2019 Elton John biopic, Rocket Man, featuring an explicit gay sex scene.”

Unfortunately, with the age and orthodoxy gap between older and younger clerics, young priests are bound to suffer at the hands of their unorthodox bishops. It might take a long time to come to fruition, but the young priests spell a better future for the Roman Catholic Church.

Eighty-nine percent of those who were ordained since 2000 said that nonmarital sexual behavior is always sinful. Note, however, 11% did not agree with that. Only 37% of priests ordained before 1981 said the same thing.


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