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How Do We Find Jesus Amid Our Ever-Ready Idols?

Tis the season for Advent reflection, and so I’ve been doing the work by revisiting a spiritual classic: The Reed of God by twentieth-century British writer Caryll Houselander. I was struck by this truth: how we answer the question “Who is the Christ Child?” is paramount. If Advent is preparation for the Nativity of Our Lord, the most important thing to know is the identity of the baby we are preparing to receive on Christmas Day. But the question “Who is Jesus?” is not a simple one to answer. In The Reed of God, Houselander shares wise insights on the difficulty of knowing Christ as he really is. Rather than worshiping the true God, we often unknowingly build idols, or as Houselander puts it, invent an “imaginary Christ who fits into our own narrowness, who…


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