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Is the Cardinal Catholic?

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Cupich has become what many Catholics see as “the American pope.” There is no doubt he is a personal favorite of Pope Francis, who became familiar with Cupich through Cdl. Maradiaga. Maradiaga met Cupich at a function in D.C. a number of years back and personally recommended him to the pope.

The entire process for selecting a new bishop was totally sidestepped by Francis, who simply plucked him out of Spokane and made him Chicago’s new archbishop in 2014. Church Militant’s William Mahoney has more on the power and influence of Cupich and why his star may be fading as he approaches the mandatory retirement age of 75.

On Sunday, a layman in beach attire gave the homily at Holy Family in Inverness, Illinois, in the Chicago archdiocese. This clear violation of liturgical norms is perfectly acceptable to the Windy City’s cardinal, Blase Cupich.

Richard Concaildi, captain, Chicago Resistance: “It’s not been published that he is using several — about three or four — key schools around the archdiocese to introduce pilot programs … and he’s working closely with those principals to introduce a different term of critical race theory.”

The Chicago cardinal also blesses the liturgical abuses of St. Sabina’s pastor, leftist activist Fr. Michael Pfleger. Meanwhile, Cupich has embraced wholeheartedly Pope Francis’ crackdown on the Mass of the Ages, stifling the Traditional Latin Mass in the archdiocese.

Only days after being installed as Chicago’s archbishop, Cupich clarified fake Catholic politicians who support the killing of unborn children would not be denied Holy Communion.

Cdl. Blase Cupich: “I would not use the Eucharist or, as they call it, the communion rail, as a place to have those discussions or a way in which people would be excluded from the life of the Church.”

Cupich also has a penchant for ousting faithful priests in the archdiocese, like Fr. Paul John Kalchik, while singing the praises of dissident homosexualists like Jesuit James Martin.

Cupich: “I wanted to make sure that I affirmed what he was doing … and I wanted to let him know that I supported him.”

Unsurprisingly, the cardinal also supports the experimental gene therapy dominating the media.

Cupich: “My message to everyone is just this: Please, come forward; do your part to save lives and prevent illnesses. Take the vaccine. … It is the greatest gift that you can give this holiday season.”

In the wake of archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s 2018 bombshell revelations regarding clergy sex abuse cover-up in the hierarchy, Cupich appeared on NBC to deflect.

Cupich: “The pope has a bigger agenda; he’s got to get on with other things of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the Church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”

Unfortunately, these are only a few examples of the Chicago prelate’s anti-Catholic misdeeds, which is likely why, in a 2019 Complicit Clergy survey, Cupich was ranked the worst prelate in the United States.

Cupich is on the Congregation for Bishops — largely responsible for appointing new bishops. It’s a powerful post, and it means his legacy may well live on long after he has faced his own particular judgment.

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