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Jesuit Universities Peddle Toxic Racial Dogma

BALTIMORE (ChurchMilitant.com) – Prominent Jesuit universities in the United States are indoctrinating children and students by producing and promoting teaching material in the field of neo-Marxist critical race theory (or “CRT”).  

Students protest critical race theory

While proponents of CRT insist that the pseudo-academic dogma is not taught in K–12 schools, Loyola University Maryland (LUM) has produced a critical race theory primer as a guide to teaching CRT “from kindergarten to college settings.”

The resource, launched by LUM’s Karson Institute for Race, Peace and Social Justice, is specifically designed to push back “a growing wave of legislation” in at least 28 states that prohibit teachers from indoctrinating children with racial hatred against White people.

The Jesuit institute is led by radical leftist and pro-LGBTQ+ professor Karsonya Wise Whitehead (an advocate for the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement), who has taught a course at Loyola on the success of BLM in using social media for its political goals.

According to the Jesuit primer, CRT is the “latest demon conjured up by conservative politicians and pundits” and is being used by Republicans “as a dog whistle to mobilize suburban White voters against Democrats.”   

Dr. Amanda Thomas, provost for academic affairs at LMU, praised Dr. Whitehead as “a person who puts our Jesuit mission at Loyola into action for the benefit of all people, working to advance the conversation — and inspire action with impact — around equity and inclusion.” 

Critics, however, say that CRT is “racially motivated propaganda” that “actively encourages discrimination” by categorizing people as oppressors or victims “based solely on skin color.”

The last thing educators should be doing is encouraging our children to be ashamed of the color of their skin.

The “core tenets” of CRT “unambiguously assert” that “racism is present everywhere and always, and persistently works against people of color,” write liberal humanist Helen Pluckrose and mathematician James Lindsay in their book Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender, and Identity — and Why This Harms Everybody.  CRT claims to be “ending racism by seeing it everywhere,” they note.

Black conservative talk-show host Candace Owens is telling parents that “it’s time to pull our kids out of school” because CRT is teaching children “how to hate White people” and “how to hate their country.” 

In defiance of the 2019 Vatican decree condemning gender theory in education, the Jesuit CRT primer also radicalizes pre-kindergarten and first-grade children in gender ideology, urging them “to not conform to socially defined gender norms.” 

Many Catholic schools have turned their backs on Scripture and wisdom to instead teach noxious topics like ‘White fragility.’ 

Gender identity refers to “one’s own internal sense of self and their [sic] gender, whether that is man, woman, neither or both,” the lesson explains. “Unlike gender expression, gender identity is not outwardly visible to others.”

“When we are born, the doctor identifies/assigns us as a boy or a girl,” the sample lesson plan says. “Based on that identification, others, sometimes including our teachers and parents, expect us to behave like a girl or a boy.”

Map of Jesuit universities in the United States peddling race hatred

Parents are hitting back at Jesuit schools for teaching CRT, with a Latino family recently suing the all-boys Jesuit High School in Sacramento, California, after the school expelled their son for “questioning CRT.”

“Many Catholic schools have turned their backs on authentic Scripture and actual wisdom to instead teach noxious and intolerant topics like ‘White fragility’ or ‘Christianity as a form of oppression’ or ‘gender fluidity,'” parents, alumni and donors at the school noted.

The Left will continue to rewrite our education system to fit their woke agenda.

A website created by parents to fight CRT at the Jesuit school explained that “The introduction of identity politics, shaming students about White privilege, deconstructing the past, reorienting history, and openly advocating and inculcating a tired and failed ideology into every classroom and every subject have no place at Jesuit High School or any other Catholic school.”

In a letter to concerned parents, the school’s board of trustees said it made “no apologies for the fact that we are committed to diversity, inclusivity and support for all students and their families.”

Radical BLM activist Karsonya Wise Whitehead

Meanwhile, Jesuit universities like Boston College — while hesitant to use the CRT label — offer courses in race-based dogma, including classes on “social construction of Whiteness” and a mandatory requirement for all students to take at least one course in “cultural diversity.” 

A database of concerned parents and students lists at least nine Jesuit universities that promote CRT, including:

College of the Holy Cross
Creighton University
Fairfield University
Fordham University
Georgetown University
Loyola University New Orleans
Regis University

While Marquette University has been considering a separate “black-only” housing facility called the “Black Living Learning Community,” Seattle University prioritizes “affirmation of and allyship with our Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) community.”

Santa Clara University earlier apologized on behalf of a campus safety officer for the display of a “Blue Lives Matter” emblem, labeling it “an incident of racial hatred.” 

Other non-Jesuit Catholic schools like DePaul University have “taken steps to implement critical race theory into [their] training and curricula.”

“The last thing educators should be doing is encouraging our children to be ashamed of the color of their skin,” writes Sen. Marsha Blackburn.  

“While parents struggle to help their children manage the mental and emotional damage inflicted by this dangerous ideology, the Left will continue to rewrite our education system to fit their woke agenda — and they won’t stop until CRT is in every classroom in America,” Blackburn warns.

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