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Make the Liturgical Calendar Part of Your Home | Michaela & Jeremiah Johnson

Advent begins in just about two weeks. As well as marking the beginning of our Christmas preparations, the First Sunday of Advent is also the beginning of the new liturgical year.

Following the liturgical cycle can lead to many spiritual treasures. The feasts and seasons make match the natural rhythm of life while drawings us into the spiritual life. Yet, so much is forgotten and it is difficult to recover these traditions in our age of noise. Even as Christmas decorations go up, many of us have forgotten the liturgical significance of the weeks leading up to Christmas.

To help us understand how we can dive deeper into the Liturgical Calendar, Michael welcomes Catholic parents and artists Michaela and Jeremiah Johnson, authors of The Illustrated Liturgical Year. If you want some practical ideas for how you

Resources mentioned

Find The Illustrated Liturgical Year at your local bookstore or online through Sophia Institute Press. Check out Jeremiah’s article, where you can preview the calendar, here at Catholic Exchange. Find The Johnson’s and their many tips for living the liturgy at home on their website, LiturgyoftheHome.comAnother great book for living the liturgical year that we mentioned is the book Around the Year with the von Trapp Family by Maria Augusta von Trapp.


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