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Melbourne Madness

Over 200 years ago, Australia was a prison colony. And now it’s coming full circle in the state of Victoria, weaponizing China virus restrictions. Church Militant’s Sam McCarthy examines the Australian people’s response to this dictatorship down under.

Victorians are rallying against fake Catholic premier Dan Andrews and his brutal China-virus lockdowns.

Since early last year, Australia’s COVID-crazed state chokehold has been one of the worst in the world, replete with nationwide police brutality and military-enforced stay-at-home orders.

While much of Australia has moved towards re-opening, Victoria’s premier has accelerated his stifling measures.

Up till now, Andrews has instituted sweeping vax mandates requiring the dreaded vaxport and imposed snap lockdowns with less than 48 hours’ notice. The hashtags #DictatorDan and #AustraliaHasFallen have both been trending on Twitter under Andrews’ regime.

Craig Kelly, MP: “From ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ to a biomedical fascist police state. That is what has happened to Victoria.”

But late last month, the premier crossed a line when he introduced a bill granting himself almost limitless power, all in the name of public health.

The so-called Public Health and Wellbeing bill would install Dictator Dan as the sole decision-maker in matters of public health, granting him permission to declare a state of emergency, institute arbitrary guidelines and imprison citizens for violating those guidelines — with no parliamentarian oversight or restraint.

Tim Smith: It’s not as if he’s lacked power, and he’s now seeking to give himself even more powers. It’s terrifying.

Days later, tens of thousands of Victorians were fed up and marched on the state’s Parliament House in Melbourne, bluntly calling for Andrews to resign.

As calls to “Kill the bill” were joined by cries of “Sack Dan Andrews” and “Free Victoria,” it became clear the Australian people haven’t fallen — only the government.

On Monday, Andrews was served papers from a state magistrate’s court, criminally charging him with treason against the Australian people. The same day, charges were filed against Andrews with the international criminal court at the Hague.


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