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On the Road Again


We’re barely into it, but 2022 is already turning out to be a big year for Church Militant.

In the current climate of what can best be described as “clown world,” with its ever-increasing upside-down madness, we are attracting more and more eyes looking for some explanation for all the insanity. The result is that people are paying attention at an ever-increasing rate, which gives us the wonderful opportunity to reach viewers we might not have before with the message of Catholic truth. 

For example, on the political front, theologically conservative patriots are finding us more and more frequently and enlisting this apostolate in their effort to restore some moral order to the culture. We spotlight these partnerships in our nightly Evening News, where we cover multiple stories from around the world each day and provide Catholic analysis — a kind of examination of the spiritual war playing out in the material order. 

Precisely because of the insanity of the day, we expanded Church Militant Evening News to a full hour because the madness needs to be understood in a Catholic context — one full hour of news and analysis through an authentic Catholic lens. We keep you informed on the latest developments in the Church, across the nation and around the world, streaming online at ChurchMilitant.com.

We keep you informed on the latest developments in the Church, across the nation and around the world.

This kind of coverage also requires us to actually go to the physical places where the news is happening. Our reporters are now traveling across the country to be “on the ground” and give you the facts through an authentic Catholic lens. For example, in just these first few weeks of 2022, we’ve already been to Arizona, for example, to cover the serious question of election integrity — an increasingly important topic, as the arena of spiritual warfare has shifted to the political sphere. 

In fact, Church Militant was actually invited by state legislators to cover the hearings because of the respect we have garnered in politically conservative circles for our reporting on the 2020 election, the fallout and the upcoming midterms.

Very few things speak to the reality of spiritual war being fought in the political arena like the nightmare of abortion. To that end, no other Catholic media brought you the degree of extensive coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court’s critical case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the first serious threat to Roe v. Wade in more than 30 years. We traveled our crew to Washington, D.C., to blanket-cover not only the arguments themselves, but also on-the-ground reaction and perspective, and we will be returning for when the final opinion is handed down.

Likewise, the crime of illegal immigration is taking on more and more serious dimensions — and particularly in light of the U.S. bishops continuing cooperation in all of it, cloaking themselves in religiosity over the matter, while laughing all the way to the bank.

Millions of illegals are being shuttled all over the country and dropped in unsuspecting communities, and it’s all being arranged through covert actions between Biden and the bishops. That’s why we traveled our crew to McAllen, Texas, a couple of weeks back to highlight the severe consequences for Americans regarding the border crisis.  

It took almost no time for us to capture footage of illegal crossings and the role Catholic Charities plays in all of this, and, by “this,” we mean human trafficking, killings, drug smuggling — you name it. Our on-the-road coverage of these kinds of events is quickly earning Church Militant the respect of being the go-to source, which is one reason we are able to lock down interviews with some of the biggest names in the political and Catholic world.

They know our footprint is growing and want to reach the audience (i.e., you) that we speak to. All of this is possible, first of all, owing to Our Blessed Lord. We pray to be used to save souls. Our work here is dedicated to that single mission. That mission, of course, must be carried out and pursued in the material world and, importantly, in the circumstances of the day. 

We pray to be used to save souls.

We have been able to grow and advance in that mission because of you, our supporters, and we are immensely grateful for all of your support. We’d like to continue bringing you this kind of coverage because of the great need for an authentic Catholic voice out there in the great marketplace of ideas, the world, which is, as Bp. Sheen called it, “the great theater of redemption.”

If you love what we do and you want to see us continue providing you with more authentic Catholic coverage, analysis and content, we invite you to become a monthly donor by clicking the link below and visiting ChurchMilitant.com today.
Nothing good and worthwhile is ever cheap, and that certainly includes TV, especially when you combine travel with TV.

Nevertheless, we have made the commitment to “answer the bell” and get out into the world, where the serious battle is going on — and not only cover those events, but be a voice in the maelstrom, an authentic, Catholic voice.

So again, please consider supporting our work. It is a work of the Church, and no other Catholic outfit is doing it.
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