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Persecuted Priests Summit 2.0

BALTIMORE (ChurchMilitant.com) – Persecuted priests are in Maryland alongside faithful Catholics protesting the corruption of their bishops.

Voris and the six exiled priests at the
 “Bishops: Enough is Enough” prayer rally

Six exiled priests took to the stage in Baltimore to protest clerical corruption within earshot of the same bishops who are stifling their vocations. A second persecuted priests’ summit took place at Church Militant’s “Bishops: Enough Is Enough” prayer rally Tuesday, directly across from the U.S. bishop’s annual fall meeting.

“We have to have a holy boldness, that God comes to the aid of the strong,” spoke Fr. Jeff Fasching of Wichita, Kansas, “but the hierarchy, as you all know — I don’t have to tell you, is weak.” 

Father Fasching was ousted from his parish for so-called offenses including “glaring” at his flock, “pounding the pulpit” and criticizing corrupt bishops.

We have to have a holy boldness, that God comes to the aid of the strong.

Wisconsin firebrand Fr. James Altman is also exiled from his parish for speaking out against corruption. Altman speaks in no uncertain terms when calling out pro-abortion so-called Catholics. He joined his fellow punished priests in Baltimore despite a new memo from his bishop, William Callahan of the diocese of La Crosse, attempting to restrict Altman’s travel.

Voris and the six exiled priests at the Baltimore rally

Father John Lovell of the diocese of Rockford joined his brothers in Baltimore and has spent almost 10 years out of the priestly ministry. Father Lovell is part of the Illinois-based Coalition for Canceled Priests.

Chicago canceled priest Fr. Paul John Kalchik sat on stage Tuesday after winning a canonical suit against his bishop, Cdl. Blase Cupich. Father Kalchik disposed of a so-called gay pride flag connected with rife abuse and perversion in the diocese. He was attacked for his “incendiary” actions.  

Father Mark White of the diocese of Richmond, Virginia was ordained by disgraced ex-cardinal and homopredator Theodore McCarrick. After learning of McCarrick’s evil, Fr. White began to question the cover-up culture of Church hierarchy, and his bishop Barry Knestout drove him out of his post.

Canceled Texas priest Fr. Clay Hunt was also on stage after his ordinary, Abp. Gustavo García-Siller of the archdiocese of San Antonio separated him from his sheep. Father Hunt was fostering a thriving parish but came under fire for his orthodoxy and for decrying the homosexual lifestyle.

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Persecuted priests sat down with Michael Voris in June to share their stories

Several of the priests focused on St. John Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests. Father Lovell admitted, if alive in the current day, St. John Vianney would not have been ordained by the corrupt prelates.

Addressing the homo-hierarchy, Fr. Lovell emphasized: “In seminary, they peg people that are holy; they peg people that are striving for holiness — that are striving for prayer, unlike these bishops, who just don’t. They’re just lacking the faith that’s required to transform the world.”

“In the time of the Arian heresy, eight out of 10 bishops were on the wrong side of things to God,” noted Fr. Hunt. The Texas priest presented two solutions to the clerical cancel culture.

There is no excuse on God’s earth for a single one of them to not know the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to fail so miserably.

“One, the Lord returns in the fullness of His glory,” Fr. Hunt offered. “The second option, the people of God put the house of God — the Church — in order. Amen!”

Father Kalchik assured the crowd his faith has never been never shaken by his ongoing persecution.

“Our Lord, over the course of his active ministry — he told those first Apostles, ‘if you truly wish to be my disciple, take up your cross and follow me,'” he reminded.  

Father Altman turned his attention to the bishops across from the rally, exhorting, “There is no excuse on God’s earth for a single one of them to not know the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to fail so miserably.”

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The Vortex: Episcopal Carpet Bombing

“Here’s the truth. God damns their failure to defend the Holy Eucharist and prevent sacrilege,” continued Fr. Altman.

Many expect the U.S. bishops to craft a statement on so-called eucharistic coherence — preventing Christ’s defilement by unrepentant sinners receiving Him unworthily in the Eucharist, a prohibition explained in canon 915. Depending on what the prelates decide, high profile abortion-supporting sham-Catholics like unelected Joe Biden as well as Nancy Pelosi could be denied the sacred Body and Blood of our Lord. 

God damns their failure to defend the Holy Eucharist and prevent sacrilege.

Illinois priest Fr. Lovell insisted the corrupt hierarchy in the Church is a product of malformed seminaries.

“St. John Vianney also said ‘our primary duty is to pray and to practice charity,'” spoke Fr. Fasching. Motioning to the bishops’ meeting next door he asserted, “I don’t believe for one second the bishops are living their lives that way; otherwise, they couldn’t treat the Eucharist like they’re treating it and giving it to wicked men and women.”

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